September 2012

Kyle Mantyla, Friday 09/28/2012, 4:35pm
Paul @ PFAW Blog: Judicial Obstruction in Graphic Form. Aviva Shen @ Think Progress: GOP Senate Candidate Akin: ‘Free Enterprise’ Means Being Allowed To Deny Equal Pay To Women. Michelle Goldberg @ The Daily Beast: With ‘Dreams From My Real Father,’ Have Obama Haters Hit Rock Bottom? Eric Kleefeld @ TPM: Allen West Attacks Dem Opponent For 2003 Bar-Fight, ‘Verbal Assault’ Of Policeman. Jeremy Hooper: FRC lies about the SPLC; also, grass is green and water is wet. Rosie Gray @ BuzzFeed: Inside The Planning Of... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 09/28/2012, 4:30pm
Gary Cass says "anywhere that Islam is taken seriously it does not produce liberty. Islam is systemically violent and hateful ... The fact that Muslims continue to call Mohammed their 'holy' prophet shows just how morally benighted they truly are." James Dobson received a Distinguished Service Award from Louisiana College for being a "true national treasure." Phyllis Schlafly says conservatives must support Todd Akin because of the importance of judges. I genuinely do not understand the point of this CitizenLink video. Sen. Rand Paul appeared... MORE
Ariella, Friday 09/28/2012, 3:25pm
Birther queen Orly Taitz remains isolated in her quest to prove that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and is ineligible to be president. In an interview with Vic Eliason on VCY America, Taitz alleges that Barack Obama’s Social Security number is invalid, insists that “we are getting very close to a dictatorship” in the United States today, and expresses disappointment that she has not received support from fellow birthers Donald Trump and Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Arizona. Taitz claimed that Obama’s Social Security number is a “Connecticut number which... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 09/28/2012, 2:11pm
Glenn Beck recently sat down with John Hagee, whom Beck called "a prophet of our times," to discuss the importance of prayer regarding the upcoming election, which both Beck and Hagee agreed was the most important election since the Civil War.  Not coincidentally, Hagee noted, it was Abraham Lincoln's declaration of a national day of fasting and prayer that was responsible for bringing that war to an end: We'd like to point out that Lincoln issued this declaration on March 30, 1863 and Lee did not  have "the grace to surrender" for another two years, until... MORE
Miranda Blue, Friday 09/28/2012, 12:36pm
We ordinarily wouldn’t really pay attention to Joel Gilbert, a Bob Dylan enthusiast who also dabbles in anti-Obama conspiracy theories, most recently making a film that alleges that the president’s real father is labor activist and communist party organizer Frank Marshall Davis. But when Bill Armistead, the chairman of the Alabama Republican Party, started promoting Gilbert’s movie, “Dreams from My Real Father,” and when news surfaced that Gilbert was sending thousands of copies of his movie gratis to households in swing states and that conservative groups were... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 09/28/2012, 12:30pm
Televangelist James Robison warns in a blog post today that “the belief system controlling the most powerful leader and far too many leaders in America is built on lies,” which have emanated from Satan himself. Robison asserts that Obama and his supporters are trying to usher in a “dictatorially powerful state” and have fallen under a “deadly deception.” He maintains that their belief system derives from “Karl Marx, another demonically deceived individual,” who advocated “a lie birthed in the pit of hell.” The election will determine... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 09/28/2012, 11:30am
While speaking with Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on Washington Watch Weekly, Republican pollster Kellyanne Conway said she told her client Todd Akin to withstand the controversy that emerged following his comments on “legitimate rape” just like David Koresh, the Waco compound cult leader whose standoff with the ATF led to over eighty deaths. Conway told Perkins that she advised Akin to survive efforts to “smoke him out” like Koresh until they “realize the guy’s not coming out of the bunker.” She was speaking with Perkins just as the... MORE
Peter Montgomery, Friday 09/28/2012, 11:11am
RWW has reported on plans for this weekend’s dominionist-heavy ‘America for Jesus’ rally in Philadelphia, which will kick off some of the prayer-and-fasting-to-beat-Obama campaigns being waged by Religious Right leaders. Today, Charisma published an interview about the rally with Hispanic evangelical leader Samuel Rodriguez. Charisma, whose publisher Steven Strang is helping Harry Jackson raise funds for his anti-Obama, anti-marriage-equality swing-state racial wedge campaign, is not exactly a neutral source; it introduced the interview, in part, with “Despite all the... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 09/28/2012, 9:55am
Matt Barber is mad, yet again, at the ACLU, this time because the organization sent a letter to a Rhode Island school behalf of a mother who complained that her daughter was not able to attend the school's father-daughter dance, prompting the school to cancel the dance and consider hosting "family dances" instead that would accommodate all kinds of parenting situations. Even though, in this case, the woman was a single-mother, Barber used the incident as an excuse to once again attack the idea of marriage equality on today's "Faith and Freedom" radio program. Claiming... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 09/27/2012, 4:34pm
Adele Stan @ AlterNet: 3 Big Lies in Religious-Right 'Voter Guide' Hitting 13 Million Cell Phones. Simon Maloy @ Media Matters: Jennifer Rubin: Obama's Terrorism Record Worse Than Bush's (9-11 Doesn't Count). Jeremy Hooper: Conservs (like Matt Barber) trying to pass off Obama '08 rally as a Romney '12 event. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: A topic Akin should try to avoid. Rosie Gray @ BuzzFeed: Catholic League Responds To Controversial Artwork With Obama Bobblehead And Fake Feces. MORE
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