October 2012

Brian Tashman, Monday 10/22/2012, 3:45pm
Opponents of contraception access this weekend held “religious freedom” demonstrations across the country to protest the Obama administration’s new rules ensuring contraception coverage in health insurance plans. In one of the rallies last month in Washington D.C. in front of the White House, speakers including Frank Pavone of Priests for Life, Patrick Mahoney of the Christian Defense Coalition and Lila Rose of Live Action denounced the Obama administration for their purportedly “tyrannical” insurance mandate. The keynote speakers at the White House rally was... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 10/22/2012, 2:15pm
Linda Harvey of Mission America is still incensed by California’s new law preventing minors from undergoing pseudo-scientific sexual orientation conversion therapy, and on her radio show this weekend she called it a “fascist” law that is “banning heterosexuality.” She suggested that parents and counselors work to break the law, which she said would be more loving to gay or lesbian youth. This SB 1172, passed in California, signed by Governor Jerry Brown, bans all counseling that would reduce or eliminate same-sex attractions and especially they ban this for... MORE
Josh Glasstetter, Monday 10/22/2012, 1:16pm
In September we broke the news that Todd Akin was arrested for blocking access to a women's health clinic. We posted a video showing Akin speaking freely of his arrest but he refused to provide any details ... So we had to go find them ourselves. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 10/22/2012, 1:14pm
The guest today on "WallBuilders Live" was Pastor Laurence White, who was brought on to "discuss the sin of the silence of the German Christians during the Holocaust and the parallel to American Christians today" as he explained that it was the silence of the church during under the Nazis that allowed the Holocaust to take place, just as it is the silence of Christians today that is allowing abortion to remain legal in America: The same thing is happening in America today, exactly the same thing. We've take a segment of the human race, unborn children, and we've... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 10/22/2012, 11:50am
American Family Association’s Buster Wilson never misses an opportunity to promote baseless, strange and bizarre conspiracy theories, which made his Friday radio program quite comical, as he ironically dedicated his segment to promoting intellectual and rational discussion, something he says the mean folks at ‘Big Gay’ refuse to do! One of my big pet peeves is that people on the left, people in Big Gay, people like Southern Poverty Law Center, people like that, they do not have the capacity—I supposed because they never do—it’s either they don’t... MORE
Miranda Blue, Monday 10/22/2012, 10:55am
Papers in Florida have been reporting recently on a curious DVD that has been turning up in mailboxes across the state. The video is none other than Joel Gilbert’s “Dreams From My Real Father,” a “documentary” narrated by a fictional Barack Obama claiming that Obama’s mother’s marriage to Barack Obama Sr. was a sham meant to cover up her relationship with labor activist and communist organizer Frank Marshall Davis, the president's "real father." Gilbert previously boasted that he sent the DVD to a million households across Ohio, but declines... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 10/22/2012, 10:45am
Michael Brown in his latest column argues that President Obama is not a Christian because he supports gay equality and opposes the criminalization of abortion, and is “more a disciple of Saul Alinsky than of Jesus.” He compares Obama negatively to Martin Luther King, Jr., whom he said was a “great unifier” while Obama is the “great divider.” Actually, King was not seen as a unifier during the highly contentious and divisive civil rights movement and not a popular figure, in fact in 1966 he was viewed unfavorably by 63 percent of Americans. King was neither... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 10/22/2012, 10:28am
On Friday's radio program, Bryan Fischer reiterated his call to ban immigration to the United States from Muslim-majority nations because "while there are moderate Muslims, no one has yet developed a error-free way to tell the difference between the Muslims we have to worry about and the ones we don’t. Until that day comes, we must be cautious about them all." While discussing this point on his program, Fischer warned his listeners that the United Nations, with the help of the US government, was systematically importing Muslims into America and "deliberately seeding... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 10/19/2012, 4:32pm
Michael B. Keegan @ Huffington Post: Want to Get Past Romney's Lies About Women's Rights? Look to the Supreme Court. Towleroad: Star Witness for Prop 8 Proponents David Blankenhorn Tells Minnesotans to Oppose Anti-Gay Marriage Amendment. Noam Scheiber @ TNR: Growing Up Romney. Stephanie Mencimer @ Mother Jones: Conservative Group Kills Candidate's Samuel L. Jackson "Uncle Tom" Videos. Ruby Cramer @ BuzzFeed: Tea Party Group Plans Obama Phone Bank Sabotage. Aviva Shen @ Think Progress: More Junk Science: GOP Congressman Says Abortion Is Never... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 10/19/2012, 4:29pm
Glenn Stanton of Focus on the Family accuses Dinesh D'Souza of engaging in "attitudinal bigamy." Is anyone surprised that Glenn Beck is now paling around with EW Jackson?  Jan Markell of Olive Tree Ministries says "This is an apocalyptic election. It's clearly the most important election in the history of America." Bryan Fischer reiterates his call to ban immigration from Muslim countries. James Robison says President Obama Vice-President Biden "have claims of religious beliefs that directly contradict the words and actions of both... MORE
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