November 2012

Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/30/2012, 5:39pm
Peter Montgomery @ Religion Dispatches: Status of Uganda Anti-Gay Bill Unclear; U.S. Religious Right Support Isn’t. Erika Eichelberger @ Mother Jones: Study: ALEC Is Bad for the Economy. Joe.My.God: Egyptian Court Sentences Florida Pastor Terry Jones To Death Over Movie. Kevin Drum: I Guess the Future Wasn't at Stake in This Year's Election After All. Jeremy Hooper: Liberty Counsel quietly takes Chick-fil-A off of its 'Nice' list; you next, AFA? Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: Creationist Ken Ham Accuses Pat Robertson of ‘... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/30/2012, 5:34pm
FRC claims that reports that the organization has defended Uganda's proposed draconian anti-gay legislation is due to the "cozy relationship between the liberal media and unreliable sources like HRC" and is "fostering a culture of hatred and violence--that same culture that led to the attempted mass murder of the entire FRC office." Apparently, you can't be against abortion without also being against gay marriage. It seems that Erick Erickson is wise enough to realize that running for public office might not be a good idea, given his record. Any sort of... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 11/30/2012, 4:00pm
Janet Porter of Faith 2 Action returned to Ohio to try to enact the nation’s strictest anti-abortion law, the Heartbeat Bill, but it appears that she only managed to divide her fellow abortion rights opponents and anger Republican leaders. In fact, relations between her and the state’s GOP officials have gotten so bad that she is now calling for Republicans in the State Senate to vote out their own leader. The Heartbeat Bill, which criminalizes abortion in the vast majority of cases, had passed the Ohio State House but was held up in the State Senate. Because the bill is... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/30/2012, 2:53pm
On some days, Glenn Beck comes right out of the gate spitting fire on his radio program and today was just one such day, as yesterday's UN vote to recognize Palestine as a “non-member observer state" prompted Beck to go off about the Muslim Brotherhood-orchestrated power-grab carried out by Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi and the on-going protests that have erupted in response, prompting him to declare that same thing is going to happen in America within five years: "Mark my words, in the next five years you will see this very thing, somebody seizing power [... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 11/30/2012, 1:15pm
Pastor Kevin Swanson yesterday on Generations Radio saluted Uganda’s president Yoweri Museveni for publicly repenting for the nation’s sins. Swanson also praised the notorious Anti-Homosexuality Bill which is advancing in the Ugandan Parliament and would make homosexuality a criminal offense punishable by life imprisonment or the death penalty. He argued that while Uganda’s future is looking up, America is “heading back into cannibalism, vampirism, tattooing, body mutilation and every form of fornication, homosexuality.” Buehner added that the Southern Poverty... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/30/2012, 11:26am
Earlier this month, the Religious Right's favorite climate change-denying "expert," Calvin Beisner of the Cornwall Alliance, appeared on American Family Radio where he declared that believing in climate change "is an insult to God."  Yesterday, when he joined Bryan Fischer on "Focal Point" for yet another discussion about the "myth" of global warming, both he and Fischer declared that failure to use coal, oil, and natural gas is an insulting rejection of the gifts that God has given to us - gifts which, incidentally, He buried deep in the earth... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 11/30/2012, 11:00am
After his group said that discredited and dangerous sexual orientation conversion therapy is “designed to bring homosexuals out of bondage and into healthy behavior,” Family Research Council president Tony Perkins maintained that such counseling is simply a “compassionate” and “nonjudgmental” way for gays and lesbians to find the “wholeness that has been eluding them in their current lifestyle.” While speaking today with con man and ex-gay group leader Arthur Goldberg, who once again compared his embattled group to Weight Watchers, on Washington... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/30/2012, 10:20am
On his radio program yesterday, Bryan Fischer made the entirely reasonable and logical argument that communists like President Obama "have a vested interest in keeping as many Americans as poor as possible" and to prevent them from succeeding in order to keep them dependent on the government. In fact, Obama's push to help more students attend college, said Fischer, is really just an effort to saddle them with massive student loan debt and a worthless degree so that when they can't find a job, they become "helplessly, hopelessly, slavishly dependent upon government handouts.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 11/29/2012, 5:39pm
Michael B. Keegan @ Huffington Post: Dear Fellow White Men. Asawin Suebsaeng @ Mother Jones: The Latest Right-Wing Conspiracy Theory: Obama's Third Term. Alvin McEwen: Hate group is livid over SPLC's lawsuit against 'ex-gay' group. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: Fox News Freaks Out: Gay-Inclusive Marriage Forms Will Destroy Society. Bartholomew’s Notes on Religion: Walid Shoebat Claims Jewish Ancestry “On Both Sides.” Warren Throckmorton: Unconditional Love Reparative Therapy Style. Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Bill O’... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 11/29/2012, 5:32pm
Peter LaBarbera focuses his fury on Rick Warren for being insufficiently anti-gay. Mat Staver says that a win for Liberty University's anti-health care reform lawsuit "literally guts ObamaCare across the board." CBN's David Brody has been "promoted" to fill-in for Glenn Beck on his television program. Brent Bozell has sent a letter to RNC Chairman Reince Priebus "pledging to make it his mission to counsel conservative donors to shun the party if its leaders in Congress agree to raise taxes." Considering that Bozell hasn't been particularly... MORE
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