November 2012

Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/27/2012, 4:55pm
Peter LaBarbera and John Kirkwood hosted the American Family Association’s Sandy Rios on the Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour to respond to the victories of marriage equality activists and Neal Boortz’s post-election rant against the Religious Right. Rios said that Boortz was just one of many conservatives trying to push the GOP to abandon social issues like abortion rights and gay equality in order to win elections. According to Rios, it isn’t that most people don’t oppose the gay rights movement anymore; it’s just that they simply don’t... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/27/2012, 2:40pm
Rick Joyner sat down with Michael Brown to discuss his book A Queer Thing Happened to America and told him that in Switzerland married men and women can’t refer to their spouses as husband or wife due to hate speech laws, warning that America is next. After describing the perils of the gay rights movement, Joyner said that there are “some” who seek to even “forbid marriage between a male and a female.” Brown later said his anti-gay book may be today’s version of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s anti-slavery novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and joined other... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/27/2012, 1:14pm
Yesterday, Bryan Fischer was a guest on Steve Deace's radio program where the two commiserated over the state of the Republican Party and discussed just what options social conservatives will have if the GOP attempts to jettison their culture war issues in an effort to win over moderate and independent voters.  In Fischer's assessment, such a move would be tantamount to political suicide for the GOP because, contrary to popular opinion, those who classify themselves as "independents" are not moderates, but rather hard-line conservatives who refuse to consider themselves... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/27/2012, 1:05pm
On today’s 700 Club, televangelist Pat Robertson appeared to break with many of his fellow fundamentalists who subscribe to Young Earth creationism regarding the age of the earth, disputing their notion that the planet is only around 6,000 years old. Robertson said that James Ussher, the seventeenth century bishop who to this day is heralded by Young Earth creationists for using the Bible to argue that the earth was created in 4004 BC, “wasn’t inspired by the Lord when he said it all took 6,000 years, it just didn’t.” While many creationists believe that... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/27/2012, 12:35pm
Anti-Muslim conspiracy theorist Avi Lipkin returned to VCY America’s Crosstalk to discuss with host Vic Eliason the crisis in Gaza and explain why the Obama administration funded Israel’s Iron Dome when he is actually a Muslim seeking Israel’s destruction. Lipkin believes that Obama is a tool of Saudi Arabia and Saudi Arabia, in turn, is a tool of the Illuminati, arguing that the President is following orders from the Saudi monarchy/Illuminati to destroy both Israel and Iran. But since Lipkin also admits that Obama is helping Israel through the Iron Dome defense system, he... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/27/2012, 11:30am
Under President Obama’s leadership, the Pentagon revived plans for the Iron Dome rocket defense shield in Israel, which played a critical role in the recent Gaza crisis. “Despite initial Pentagon misgivings, President Barack Obama has given $275 million to the project since 2010” after the Bush administration turned down requests to fund the project, according to the Wall Street Journal. Now, anti-gay activist Harry Jackson is trying his best to act as an expert on the Middle East (just as he styles himself to be a health care and energy policy analyst) by attacking the... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/27/2012, 11:06am
The long holiday weekend gave Glenn Beck some time to reflect on his life's work and the state of the world and write out an incoherent schematic of all the steps it will take for him to save it, which he posted on the massive chalkboard in his studio on yesterday's program. As he explained, God has given him a huge variety of tasks, including completely redesigning the media, preparing and strengthening families, protecting Israel, defending the Constitution and liberty, and even finding new sources of energy, all of which he concluded can only be done once he has first reformed our system... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/26/2012, 5:40pm
Rob Boston @ Wall of Separation: Short-Sighted Sentence: Okla. Judge’s Church-Attendance Mandate Is Wrong. Amanda Terkel @ The Huffington Post: Pentagon Prayer Breakfast To Feature Discredited Pastor Ray Giunta. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: NOM Now Warning Against Young People Having Gay Friends. Evan McMorris-Santoro @ TPM: Trump Calls On GOP To Be More Appealing To Minorities. Kevin Drum @ Mother Jones: The Bizarre Apocalyptic Vision of Right-Wing Fundraisers. Warren Throckmorton: Scott Lively and Bryan Fischer Laud Uganda as Christian... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/26/2012, 5:35pm
Ralph Reed tells the GOP not to throw social conservatives overboard after the recent election losses. Rick Santorum remains open to making another run for president in 2016. One Million Moms declares victory as the show "666 Park Avenue" is cancelled. So, how long will it be before we see "Two And A Half Men" co-star Angus T. Jones speaking at Religious Right conferences about the dangers of television? An insightful new book questions "whether Obama truly understands authentic Christianity." Finally, Phyllis Schlafly'... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/26/2012, 4:18pm
Scott Lively dropped in on "Focal Point" today, mostly to discuss developments in Uganda, but also to provide some insights on his plan to run for Governor of Massachusetts, which he apparently thinks he can win by creating a third party coalition by merging anti-gay Religious Right activists with "the grassroots of the progressive movement":  On his blog, Lively has posted a manifesto explaining how this new coalition would work as Religious Right activists leave the corporate GOP and set about "plundering the 'Progressive' base" by... MORE
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