November 2012

Brian Tashman, Monday 11/26/2012, 5:00pm
Tea Party Nation head Judson Phillips emailed members today an article by tea party activist Dan Short, reminiscing about America before the 1960s when major civil rights laws were passed. Short attacks critics of the GOP’s inability to reach out to people of color for supposedly ignoring older white Americans, whom he claims have the “highest level of American patriotism in this nation.” He says older white Americans are the real Americans because they lived before the “anti-constitutional legislation of civil rights” and the end of the country’s racist... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 11/26/2012, 4:25pm
Televangelist John Hagee warns that America is in decline because of the size of government and same-sex marriage. The right-wing pastor who has claimed that the U.S. will face God’s judgment for electing “a leader who is for men marrying men” told his Cornerstone Church that Americans are beginning to experience “tyranny” and the loss of divine favor: “America does not have purity when men marry men and women marry women, it does not have purity.” Watch: MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/26/2012, 3:10pm
This morning on AFA's "Today's Issues," Tim Wildmon took issue with the prevailing wisdom among conservatives and Republicans that the party needs to do a better job of reaching out to minority voters if it wants to win future elections, saying that there really isn't much point in trying to do so because African American voters will always vote Democratic and there is nothing the GOP can do to change their minds. As for Hispanic voters, Wildmon asserted that most of them care mainly about getting amnesty for their fellow Hispanics ... plus, "they are used to a socialist form... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 11/26/2012, 1:45pm
Linda Harvey of Mission America this weekend interviewed Mark Harrington, the anti-choice activist previously with the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform and now with CreatedEqual, to discuss how Obama won re-election while at the same time arguing that the majority of Americans oppose reproductive rights. They argued that Romney would’ve won if voters made abortion their top voting priority, even though exit polls found that 59% of voters said abortion should be legal in all or most cases. Harvey and Harrington eventually concluded that people who supported Obama and the ‘Democrat... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 11/26/2012, 12:00pm
Voters in Maryland and Washington this year voted to affirm their state’s marriage equality laws after anti-gay activists collected enough signatures for a referendum to overturn them. Mainers also approved marriage equality, reversing a 2009 “citizens’ veto” of the state’s marriage equality law, and Minnesota voters defeated a GOP-backed constitutional amendment to ban same-sex marriage. But since opponents of marriage equality went 0-4 on Election Day, now Star Parker of CURE is angry that voters had a say at all. One significant development in the recent... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/26/2012, 11:42am
On Friday's "WallBuilders Live" radio program, David Barton and Rick Green hosted another "good news Friday" broadcast during which they traditionally discuss "good news from around the country that the media doesn't report!" During the broadcast, Barton commented on the various marriage victories during the recent election, seeing "good news" in the fact that, despite the wins, polls show that most Americans still do not support marriage equality ... which is a claim that should probably be taken with a grain of salt seeing as it came from Barton... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 11/21/2012, 3:20pm
Alex Seitz-Wald @ Salon: GOP civil war: Limbaugh vs. the consultants. Kevin Drum @ Mother Jones: Benghazi and the Fox News Effect. Jeremy Holden @ Media Matters: Fox’s Tantaros Treats Food Stamps As A Diet Plan: “Do You Know How Fabulous I’d Look?” Tom Kludt @ Talking Points Memo: Romney Adviser: Right-Wing Polling Facing ‘Some Kind of Systemic Crisis’. Henry Decker @ The National Memo: Tea Party Nation Still Trying To Make Romney President. Michelangelo Signorile @ Huffington Post: Ken Hutcherson, Anti-Gay Washington... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 11/21/2012, 3:15pm
Uganda’s Anti-Homosexuality Bill is back. After winning barely 5 percent of the vote in the Virginia GOP primary for U.S. Senate, anti-gay activist E.W. Jackson is planning to run for Lt. Governor. William Owens says black voters who support marriage equality don’t understand “the damage that they are causing to their families and the future of this country.” Another Religious Right talking point falls apart as a Defense Department report finds that the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell has had no negative effects on retention. The... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 11/21/2012, 2:50pm
Last time talk show host Steve Deace talked to an ex-gay activist, he brought Greg Quinlan of PFOX onto his show to warn that gays and lesbians engage in “sexual cannibalism” and are “recruiting” kids “to behave as homosexuals.” Yesterday, he interviewed Debora Barr, the author of All Things New: A Former Lesbian’s Lifelong Search for Love, who writes that after joining a church her “same-sex attraction diminished.” Deace told Barr that he believes the “huge surge in homosexual behavior” in society is a result of the “... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 11/21/2012, 2:05pm
The folks at VCY America regularly promote all of the insanity posted on WorldNetDaily by its senior reporter Jerome Corsi, broadcasting his claims that President Obama’s wedding ring (yes, his wedding ring) transmits “secret communications” to Muslims and also publicizing Corsi’s “scoop” that Obama is secretly gay. Yesterday, VCY America’s Vic Eliason interviewed WND editor Joseph Farah, who claims that Obama won reelection due to voter fraud because his campaign accepted money from foreign donors (it didn’t) and stuffed ballot boxes in urban... MORE
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