November 2012

Brian Tashman, Wednesday 11/21/2012, 12:20pm
In January, televangelist Pat Robertson told 700 Club viewers that in his annual New Year’s “conversation” with God, the Almighty had revealed to him who the next president would be. Up through Election Day, Robertson harshly criticized President Obama and the Democratic Party while praising Mitt Romney. Then, Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network predicted a GOP sweep, leaving Robertson utterly confounded by Obama’s victory. Today, responding to a question from a viewer who wondered why her business is struggling since she thought God told her it would be... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 11/21/2012, 9:55am
We would like to thank Michael Hainey of GQ magazine for recently asking Sen. Marco Rubio about how old he believes the world to be, mainly because it has resulted in entertaining attempts to defend the young earth view, like this exchange between Bryan Fischer and Terry Mortenson from Answers In Genesis on yesterday's radio program when the two insisted that scientists can never determine the age of the earth because they weren't there and "the only way we can know the age of the earth is if we have eyewitness testimony of somebody who was there, and that's what we... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/20/2012, 5:34pm
Peter Montgomery @ The Huffington Post: Bigotry Without Borders. Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: Bachmann's Ed Allies Warned of Mind Control Scheme. Chris Geidner @ BuzzFeed: How Marriage Equality Supporters Beat The "Princess" Ad. Tara Culp-Ressler @ Think Progress: After Cutting Tax Credit For Children, Michigan Republicans Consider One For Fetuses. Jeremy Hooper: The American Family Association: 'War on Christmas' hypocrites.  Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Creator Of ‘Unskewed Polls’ Has New Website ‘Barack O’Fraudo’ Claiming Obama Stole The Election... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/20/2012, 5:30pm
After two weeks, former Rep. Allen West has finally conceded in his election. Joseph Farah says that people like Jim Daly of Focus on the Family are why conservative Christians are losing the culture wars. Frank Gaffney wants the crisis in the Middle East to be referred to as "Obamawar." Despite having just been re-elected, apparently "the American people have demanded that Barack Obama be impeached." Finally, Bryan Fischer comes to Sen. Rubio's defense with a bunch of "evidence" that the earth is only a few thousand years old. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/20/2012, 4:45pm
Sen. Marco Rubio was recently asked by GQ magazine how old he believes the earth to be, which he refused to answer on the grounds that "I’m not a scientist, man." While science says that the earth is around 4.5 billion years old, biblical literalists believe that the earth is only about six thousand years old; a figure which is calculated by "taking the first five days of creation (from earth’s creation to Adam), then following the genealogies from Adam to Abraham in Genesis 5 and 11, then adding in the time from Abraham to today." Today on Glenn Beck... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/20/2012, 4:15pm
Mission America’s Linda Harvey has consistently claimed that anti-bullying efforts that include preventing bullying against LGBT and LGBT-perceived students will lead to discrimination against straight, Christian students at the hands of “destructive” and “criminal” activists in the “gaystapo.” Of course, she and her other Religious Right anti-anti-bullying activists have never produced any actual evidence that this was occurring, but since she claims to be an ardent defender of students’ First Amendment rights, we wondered how she would react... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/20/2012, 1:55pm
The leader of the Religious Right gun group Gun Owners of America is warning that the government, through the health care reform law and a new service program, is going after everyday Americans. Larry Pratt, the organization’s executive director who has ties to white supremacists, appeared on VCY America’s Crosstalk to float a number of conspiracies. Pratt alleged that the left is to blame for the Benghazi attack because of its “profound dislike of self-defense” and refusal to “believe in self-defense either personally or as a matter of national self-defense.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/20/2012, 1:27pm
Franklin Graham recently sat down with Newsmax where he reiterated his belief that America has turned its back on God by re-electing President Obama and declared that God will judge this nation for doing so by bringing America to its knees through a massive economic collapse in order to wake people up and turn them back to Him: MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/20/2012, 12:19pm
Last week, Bryan Fischer said that Republicans need to "clamp down" on immigration because Hispanics are "are socialists by nature" and tend to vote Democratic. But as leading voices in the Republican Party and conservative movement continue to work to soften the GOP's traditionally hardline approach to the issue of immigration, Fischer is warning that how the party comes down on this issue will determine whether it survives because "if the Republican Party comes down for amnesty, it's done":   MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/20/2012, 11:00am
Judicial Watch founder Larry Klayman, who has previously claimed that President Obama’s campaign received donations from Iran’s government and was led by “self-hating Jews,” this week writes in WorldNetDaily that “Obama is as much a threat to Jews and Christians as is Hamas because he enables Hamas and those other Islamic groups bent on destroying us.” He writes that Obama won re-election despite his “destructive and anti-Semitic policies” in part due to “the ignorance if not stupidity of the 70 percent of the clueless American Jews who... MORE
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