November 2012

Brian Tashman, Monday 11/19/2012, 10:15am
WorldNetDaily editor Joseph Farah has been beside himself over the President Obama’s election victory, writing that his re-election is proof that the U.S. is “where ancient Israel was before being destroyed by God.” He now claims that “the election, whether it was the result of voter fraud or stupidity or both, suggests America is turning rapidly away from God,” and now “we are in full apostasy boogie.” Do you want to know where America is today in historical and biblical terms? It’s where ancient Israel was before being destroyed by God. In... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/16/2012, 5:34pm
Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Petraeus takes the wind from conspiracy theorists' sails. Jeremy Hooper: James Dobson claims he, Gary Bauer, and Tony Perkins met with Mitt Romney; were denied. Meenal Vamburkar @ Mediaite: Virginia GOP Official: When Obama ‘Goes To Hell,’ He’ll Say, ‘This Is All Bush’s Fault.’ Timothy Johnson @ Media Matters: Ted Nugent Accuses Obama Of Waging "Liberal Jihad" Against America. Adam Peck @ Think Progress: Arizona Gun Store Refuses To Sell Guns To Anyone Who Voted For Obama.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/16/2012, 5:30pm
Allen West's request for a recount in his lost bid for re-elections has been denied. On a related note, Gary Cass claims that West is being denied a recount because "he’s being singled out as a Christian elected official." Matt Barber says that churches that do not preach against homosexuality "are not engaging in love and grace; they are doing something most hateful." Beware! The "Twilight" books and movies are a "doorway to darkness." Franklin Graham is now claiming he was unaware that the Billy Graham... MORE
Miranda Blue, Friday 11/16/2012, 4:48pm
The Center for Security Policy’s Frank Gaffney dedicated Wednesday’s edition of Secure Freedom Radio to discussing the Benghazi attack and the resignation of Gen. David Petreaus with leaders of the anti-Muslim Right. He spoke first with conservative columnist Diana West, who in October claimed that the Benghazi attack was a “fortunate event” because it brought attention to the Obama administration’s “supporting jihad.” West – who explored similar ground in a WorldNetDaily column yesterday -- told Gaffney that Petreaus’ extramarital affair... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/16/2012, 3:58pm
From the very beginning, Glenn Beck has been convinced that the Obama administration has systemically lied about the attack in Benghazi, Libya as part of an attempt to cover up the fact that it has been secretly arming Syrian rebels for the benefit of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood in order to foment global revolution. And the sudden resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus has become further proof that the White House is engaged in a conspiracy to discredit the military, the last remaining beacon of integrity in the nation.   Since nothing about Beck's conspiracy is in... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 11/16/2012, 3:35pm
Samuel Rodriguez has appointed himself to be the spokesman for all Hispanic-Americans, telling Republican leaders that Latinos are just itching to vote for Republicans if only they put a greater emphasis on their anti-choice and anti-gay positions while moderating their rhetoric around immigration. During an interview on BreakPoint, Rodriguez described a meeting with Karl Rove where they predicted that the majority of Latino voters will back Republicans, a political prognostication that has been proven very wrong, and found it completely inconceivable that any Christian would support... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 11/16/2012, 1:50pm
Focus on the Family founder James Dobson, now the host of Family Talk, admitted on his radio program today that the National Day of Prayer Task Force, chaired by his wife Shirley Dobson, were praying for Obama to be defeated on Election Day. Religious Right activists have lambasted Obama with false smears that he had “cancelled” the National Day of Prayer and defended the event as “not politically inclined,” even though it regularly hosted anti-Obama speakers like David Jeremiah and Harry Jackson and both Dobsons are closely tied to the GOP. But during an interview... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 11/16/2012, 12:22pm
Before the election, Cindy Jacobs hosted a "Reformation Day" prayer rally in which speaker after speaker prayed/prophesied that President Obama would be defeated and Jesus glorified in the election. Among the speakers was Dutch Sheets, who proclaimed that the "systems of anti-Christ" that bound the nation would be broken ... but that obviously didn't happen, as Obama was re-elected, which has prompted Sheets to now declare that God's wholesale judgment is about to rain down on this nation because "God has put up with all of the mocking He intends to from Barack... MORE
Ariella, Friday 11/16/2012, 12:15pm
Pastor Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio this week said that Democrats are deviously working to “strip back” government control over marijuana and homosexuality “in order to maximize the immorality of the people” and “increase the size of government.” The “Democratic vision in a nutshell,” according to Swanson, is “to make sure everybody is committing homosexual acts and they’re high on drugs, and then they vote for Democrats to increase the size of government and provide pretend security for the people high on drugs.”... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 11/16/2012, 11:45am
After warning that the re-election of Obama will bring God’s judgment and ultimate destruction, Franklin Graham while speaking to David Brody of the Christian Broadcasting Network asserted that Obama’s second term will “usher in the largest changes in our society since the Civil War.” He later maintained that Obama’s re-election is proof that Americans have “turned our back on God,” and said that “we need someone like a Jerry Falwell to come back and resurrect the Moral Majority movement.” Graham also told Brody that same-sex marriage... MORE
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