December 2012

Brian Tashman, Thursday 12/20/2012, 4:00pm
Pastor Bill Elliff of the Arkansas-based The Summit Church and the Religious Right group OneCry appeared on AFA Today with host Buster Wilson this week where he explained that the September 11 attacks and the elementary shooting in Newtown, Connecticut were “gracious” acts of divine punishment. He said that God allowed the two tragedies to occur because of “our humanistic pride” and secular government in order to “bring us to our senses and bring us back to him.” Wilson was positively dumbfounded as to why people would be offended by such rhetoric and... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 12/20/2012, 3:32pm
Franklin Graham called in to American Family Radio today to talk with the AFA's leading conspiracy theorist Buster Wilson about a variety of issues, including last week's shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, which Graham blamed on television and music and video games before inevitably blaming the supposed removal of God from our schools and public places, saying "these politicians in Washington; we've taken God our of our school, we've taken him out of our government and now we seem shocked at all of these things.  Why are we shocked? We shouldn't be shocked... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 12/20/2012, 1:44pm
On the most recent episode of the Generals International "God Knows" television program, "respected prophet" Cindy Jacobs and her husband Mike were discussing the existence of an "invisible realm [that] is populated with powerful angelic hosts that want to take care of you." Case in point was the time when Jacobs traveled to Venezuela and arrived just as the airport was closing, only to find that there was nobody there to pick her up.  Not speaking the language or having any local currency, Jacobs was trapped ... until a literal angel appeared with a calling... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 12/20/2012, 1:15pm
According to Liberty Counsel head Mat Staver, if the Supreme Court rules in favor of marriage equality, America may head toward outright revolt and a second civil war. Staver told Janet Parshall that marriage equality will mean that the institution of marriage, freedom of speech and the freedom of religion will be “destroyed” and “bulldozed over.” Like Family Research Council president Tony Perkins who last month maintained that the Supreme Court may start a “revolution” and “break this nation apart” by striking down gay marriage bans,... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 12/20/2012, 12:15pm
Earlier this week, WorldNetDaily columnist and regular Fox News guest Erik Rush tweeted a video arguing that President Obama orchestrated the Sandy Hook and Aurora, Colorado shootings in order to cover-up a massive government scandal, forcibly disarm Americans, put people in concentration camps and start a civil war. Of course the conspiracy theory is complete nonsense, but Rush doesn’t think so. Today in WND, Rush effectively suggested that people should begin an armed revolt against the government: “There are also Americans – some misguided, some ideologues – who... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 12/20/2012, 11:51am
What Newt Gingrich you get - the seemingly reasonable conservative commentator or the egotistical bomb-throwing partisan - seems to be determined by whether or not there is an election on the horizon.  When he is not running for office and there are no elections at stake, Gingrich likes to present himself as a reasonable, rational conservative who is attuned to reality, leading to comments like this new one where he says the GOP has to adjust to changing opinions on marriage equality: On gay marriage, meanwhile, Gingrich argued that Republicans could no longer close their eyes to the... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 12/20/2012, 11:05am
Andrea Lafferty of the Traditional Values Coalition used the school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, in order to bolster her campaign against the Employment Non-Discrimination Act over the bill’s protections for LGBT employees. While speaking to Janet Mefferd yesterday about the Orange County, Florida, school system’s new non-discrimination policy that is similar to ENDA, Laffery said that just as parents are upset about the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting and are concerned about keeping their children safe, they should also be worried about ENDA’s “devastating... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 12/19/2012, 5:36pm
Adam Peck @ Think Progress: Newt Gingrich Blames ‘Anti Religious’ Secular Government For Newtown Shooting. Anjali Sareen @ Mediaite: Piers Morgan Eviscerates Pro-Gun Advocate: ‘You’re An Unbelievably Stupid Man, Aren’t You?’ Dave Weigel: The Stupidest Thing Anyone Has Written About Sandy Hook. Ben Dimiero, Matt Gertz, & Rob Savillo @ Media Matters: Bill O'Reilly Covers The "War On Christmas" More Than Actual Wars, Again. Jeremy Hooper @ GLAAD Blog: Focus on the Family's Stanton goes after little girl, her fathers... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 12/19/2012, 5:33pm
Conservative judicial icon Robert Bork died today at the age of 85. Mat Staver says Bork would have made an excellent Supreme Court Justice who would have overturned Roe v Wade, if only Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy had not been "so mean" to him. Buster Wilson really does not seem to appreciate our efforts to help him spread his message. We can only hope that, at some point, VA Rep. Bob Marshall's district will grow tired of being a laughingstock and stop electing him. Finally, Ted Baehr and Tom Snyder explain why the Sandy Hook tragedy happened: "By removing... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 12/19/2012, 4:30pm
Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice-elect Roy Moore appeared on City On A Hill Radio to lash out at marriage equality and the theory of evolution, warning that they undermine the Constitution. Moore, who has argued that same-sex marriage leads to divine punishment and will “destroy this country,” maintained that the Founding Fathers “would be up in arms” over President Obama’s endorsement of marriage equality as it will “destroy the very foundation” of America. What we’re doing in this country is—if Washington and Jefferson and Madison... MORE
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