March 2013

Kyle Mantyla, Friday 03/29/2013, 4:33pm
Marge Baker @ The Huffington Post: The Supreme Court's Uncharacteristic Caution on Marriage. Chris Geidner @ BuzzFeed: Conservative Group Calls Science Behind Sexual Orientation "Nazi" Propaganda. Eric W. Dolan @ Raw Story: Republican congressman refers to Latino workers as ‘wetbacks.’ Meenal Vamburkar @ Mediaite: Rep. Steve King Blasts First Daughters’ Spring Break Vacation: Obama ‘Needs To Show Some Austerity Himself.’ Adam Peck @ Think Progress: Republican Hero Doubles Down On Comparing Gays To Pedophiles Despite Objections... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 03/29/2013, 4:30pm
Wouldn't cutting off funding for an anti-bullying program that critics say "bullies Christians and conservatives" itself be a form of bullying? CBN "journalist" David Brody interviewed Sen. Rand Paul.  Take one guess what he asked him about. We were wondering how long it would take the Right to get worked up about the plot of the new "Bioshock Infinite" game. "Gay Patriot" Bruce Carroll has decided not to challenge Sen. Lindsey Graham. Finally, FRC prays that the Supreme Court will uphold the traditional definition of... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 03/29/2013, 3:05pm
Faith 2 Action is out with a low-budget trailer for a new movie warning America that “time and freedom are running out” in the fight to stop the gay rights movement. The ominous trailer claims gay rights advocates are “threatening marriage,” “threatening our children” and “threatening freedom” and makes references to the Jerry Sandusky abuse case and a Michael Swift article which Religious Right activists apparently don’t realize was satire. “If homosexual activists achieve their goal,” the trailer warns, “it will be the... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 03/29/2013, 2:55pm
Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center is very, very, very angry at the media’s coverage of the Supreme Court’s marriage cases. In fact, he is so angry that he is accusing the media of pushing “full-blown fascist propaganda.” After calling the comedy The New Normal a “propaganda show,” Gainor told the American Family Association’s news service that the media “are going to have almost no voices [from the other side] because they don’t believe that anybody should have a right to think otherwise.” Dan Gainor, vice president of... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 03/29/2013, 2:45pm
Over the last few days, Glenn Beck has become obsessed with Common Core ... and we have become obsessed with chronicling Beck's paranoid ravings about the dangers that it supposedly represents. And every day he grows even more obsessively paranoid about it, leading him to proclaim this morning on his radio program that Common Core is "the biggest story in American history": When you look at what they're gathering on people and the laws that they've just changed to do it; and it changes our relationship with security, it changes the relationship of families, it changes... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 03/29/2013, 12:15pm
Conservative commentator Erik Rush in a column today writes that the “perpetuation of the homosexual lifestyle” will “destabilize society” and put the U.S. on “the road to tyranny.” Such rhetoric almost seems tame for the vehemently anti-gay writer, but he goes on to make up for it by citing Glenn Beck’s TheBlaze TV’s conspiratorial “reporting” on Common Core standards to claim that “tyranny” is on its way to America. Out of frustration, apathy, and fear of conflict, I imagine a great many Americans of otherwise sound... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 03/29/2013, 11:30am
The Washington Times’ stringently anti-gay columnist Jeffrey Kuhner is out with a new piece today warning that gay equality will result in “moral anarchy and social disintegration.” According to Kuhner, “the homosexual lobby” is being advanced by the “modern-day fascists” of the judiciary, who seek to bring about “liberal fascism.” “Their lifestyles and behaviors inevitably lead to a culture of death,” Kuhner writes. “Homosexual behavior — for example, sodomy — is unnatural and immoral.” He goes on to... MORE
Miranda Blue, Friday 03/29/2013, 11:13am
The American Family Association’s Sandy Rios claimed on her radio program yesterday that the gay rights movement is encouraging the “sexualization of our children in public schools” and “softening children up with sexual information way before they’re ready for it in order to prepare them for sexual activity, for predators.” And even closer to home, Bobby, I think the case could be made, though I’m not sure I’ve made it on this program, that the sexualization of our children in public schools through the radical homosexual movement is really... MORE
Brian Tashman, Friday 03/29/2013, 10:45am
Fred Luter, the president of the Southern Baptist Convention, appeared Wednesday on TruNews with Rick Wiles, the Religious Right talk show host who is convinced President Obama is literally a demon. After Wiles shared with Luter his theory that gay rights activists are to blame for North Korea’s threats to launch a nuclear strike against the US, Luter explained that while he is “not that strong in prophecy” he would not be surprised that there might be a connection. “I would not be surprised that at the time when we are debating same-sex marriage, at a time when we are... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Friday 03/29/2013, 10:33am
Last night, Glenn Beck spent a good ten minutes randomly placing colored dots all over his chalkboard, laying out his vision of the future in which the world is systematically overtaken by a combination of China, Russia, Islam, and Nazism, which will reduce most of the Western World to third world conditions. In the case of America, Beck prophesied that we will see parts of the country give rise to Nazi control before eventually becoming co-ruled by some combination of Islam and China, in which China uses Islam as its enforcers to subjugate us and "get rid of anybody who is standing up.... MORE
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