March 2013

Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 03/21/2013, 2:31pm
Today on "WallBuilders Live," David Barton was discussing just war theory which, in his unique interpretation, essentially boiled down to the view that whatever you need to do to end a conflict and protect the lives of your citizens and soldiers is justified. To demonstrate his point, Barton said that Native Americans declared war on "all the white guys" because missionaries tried to convince them to stop torturing their enemies but they resisted these efforts to civilize them and "so we had to go in and we had to destroy Indian tribes all over until" they got... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 03/21/2013, 2:20pm
Sen. Rand Paul’s chief of staff Doug Stafford appears to be scrambling to explain the Senator’s recent comments during a CNN interview where he said there would be “thousands of exceptions” to his “Life at Conception Act,” a federal personhood bill that would ban all abortion by granting legal status to embryos. He added that “each individual case would have to be addressed” and that there will “be a lot of complicated things the law may not ultimately be able to address in the early stages of pregnancy that would have to be part of what... MORE
Libby, Thursday 03/21/2013, 11:43am
With Republicans in Washington looking to moderate the party’s rhetoric on immigration, Virginia Attorney General – and gubernatorial candidate – Ken Cuccinelli is attempting to airbrush his anti-immigration record by removing material from his website. Unfortunately for Cuccinelli, the Internet just doesn’t work that way. A cached version of his site from February 25th highlights his right-wing record and views. It boasts of his votes against in-state tuition for undocumented students and his crackdowns on hiring undocumented workers. That page is now gone, as are... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 03/21/2013, 11:35am
Following a news story on the 700 Club about the Profitable Sunrise investment scam, televangelist Pat Robertson told viewers to beware “scamsters in religious garb quoting the Bible, I mean run from them.” Of course, if CBN viewers actually followed Robertson's advice, he'd be in deep trouble. Watch: MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 03/21/2013, 11:08am
At the top of last night's program, before he got around to explaining how President Obama's trip to Israel is really designed to undermine Israel, Glenn Beck discussed the recent election of Pope Francis who was dubbed "The Pope of Hope" on Twitter.  And that is just what is needed right now, Beck said, because the world is about to be set on fire because we are going to see a rise of a new Axis Powers as he predicted that within "the next five years, there will be a country in Europe that is run by the Nazis": MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 03/21/2013, 10:45am
Steve Deace once again hosted far-right activist Michael Peroutka on his radio show to discuss the talk show host’s latest column on same-sex marriage and why we should not “validate relationships western civilization, heavily influenced by Biblical moral teaching, has up until now said for over a thousand years were immoral, destructive, and counter-procreative.” Peroutka explained that “the state has perverted” what “God called marriage,” and if we followed God’s laws then there would be “no way we are ever going to validate homo or... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 03/21/2013, 10:29am
For Glenn Beck, nothing is ever what is seems and so when President Obama travels to Israel, it cannot be because that is just the sort of thing that presidents do, but rather because there is some nefarious agenda at work. As Beck sees it, Obama already won the election and has no intention of changing any of his positions on issues pertaining to Israel or the region, so there is no reason for him to travel there ... but he did, and so there must be a hidden reason. Beck found that hidden reason in a piece that suggests that Obama's visit there is designed to strengthen the Muslim... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 03/21/2013, 9:55am
Angered by Sen. Rob Portman’s newfound support for marriage equality and an unofficial pro-gay rights panel at CPAC, Peter LaBarbera of Americans For Truth About Homosexuality is warning the GOP against “trying to ‘out-gay’ the Democrats.” LaBarbera’s advises Portman and others to treat their gay family members like drug addicts rather than support them, which he says would be “like telling a loved one who is has a drug problem: ‘I love you so much that I’m going to send you a five ounces of cocaine every month, because that’s how... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 03/20/2013, 4:33pm
Alex Seitz-Wald @ Salon: Michele Bachmann runs away from reporter. Josh Israel @ Think Progress: Assassination ‘Joke’ Sheriff Doubles Down, Compares Critics To Nazis. Noah Rothman @ Mediaite: Michael Steele Claims He Can Beat Up ‘Numb Nuts’ RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. Justin Berrier @ Media Matters: Fox Guest Pushes Debunked Link Between Abortion, Mental Issues. Benjy Sarlin @ TPM: Ken Cuccinelli Takes Down His ‘Immigration’ Issues Page. David Weigel @ Slate: The Tea Party Caucus is Dead and That's Okay. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 03/20/2013, 4:30pm
LiveAction bizarrely claims that Steven Crowder's Ashley Judd rape joke at CPAC "never happened."  Matt Barber blasts Pastor Rob Bell's "apostasy" for supporting marriage equality. Bryan Fischer says "same-sex 'marriage' fails to satisfy even the companionship purpose for this most sacred of relationships." Keep in mind that no matter how crazy Glenn Beck gets, Sen. Rand Paul will continue to regularly appear on his program. And so will Gov. Rick Perry. MORE
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