May 2013

Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 05/29/2013, 11:45am
Last week, the Family Research Council hosted its annual Watchmen on the Wall conference and among the speakers was the Religious Right's favorite "journalist," Todd Starnes of Fox News. Starnes' entire career appears to be built around presenting one-sided culture war stories designed to fire up the conservative base, so it was hilarious to hear him declare that he prides himself on his accuracy, assuring his audience that when they read his stories, they are "getting the most accurate information possible": You mean like the time he reported that a high school... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 05/29/2013, 10:15am
Now that Michele Bachmann has announced she’s not running for reelection, we’re beginning to wonder what Congress will be like without her and her many totally reasonable claims, like that Democratic presidents are linked to swine flu and the HPV vaccine causes mental retardation. But while Bachmann may be retiring from Congress, her many predictions live on. Here are five of the wildest among them: 1. Obama will impose Sharia law  As the leader of a group of House Republicans that sought an investigation into Muslim-American staffers of the Obama administration, Bachmann... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 05/28/2013, 5:25pm
Tim Murphy @ Mother Jones: E.W. Jackson’s First Battle: Fighting AIDS Prevention Efforts.  Igor Volsky @ Think Progress: Ohio School District May Add Glenn Beck Conspiracy Theories To Curriculum.  David Edwards @ Raw Story: Supreme Court denies Indiana bid to cutoff Planned Parenthood funding.  Steve Benen @ Maddow Blog: Virginia GOP continues its sprint from the mainstream.  Evan McMurry @ Mediaite: Alex Jones Responds To Maddow’s Take Down: ‘I’m Attracted To Mr. Maddow, And That Really Conflicts My…’... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 05/28/2013, 5:15pm
Shockingly, Republican politicians are far more likely to make false statements than Democrats. Speaking of fallacious claims, did you know that President Obama was using cocaine and having sex with another man during the Benghazi attack? Bob Vander Plaats is giddy about Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s potential run for president. Rick Santorum endorsed American Spectator editor Quin Hillyer’s campaign for Congress.  The Creation Museum is introducing an exhibit on how stories about dragons prove that humans lived with dinosaurs.  Jim Bob... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 05/28/2013, 4:10pm
Matt Trewhella of Missionaries to the Preborn hosted last week’s edition of In Focus, Voice of Christian Youth America’s flagship television show, where he attacked gays and lesbians as “filthy.” After quoting from a column by Brian Camenker from MassResistance on the supposedly detrimental effects of marriage equality in Massachusetts, Trewhella said gay marriage “totally changes the entire culture” but that most Americans “don’t care anyway.” “Your children would be getting perverted in their minds by these filthy people,”... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 05/28/2013, 3:30pm
Frank Gaffney today made the case on Sandy Rios in the Morning that the increase in the sexual assault rate in the Armed Forces is President Obama’ fault because of his efforts to encourage women and gay people to serve. After arguing that Obama has “savaged” the military with “vigor and lethality,” he linked Obama’s “sexual experimentation” and “social warfare against the military” to cases of sexual violence: “We’re hearing a lot about sexual assaults in the military and the like, it’s not to defend that by any... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 05/28/2013, 2:59pm
On his television program last week, Glenn Beck thought it was important to highlight an interview that took place between CNN's Wolf Blitzer and a survivor of the tornado in Oklahoma who turned out to be an atheist. Insisting that it was a "really bizarre exchange," Beck suggested that it had been orchestrated by a CNN producer who wanted to promote atheism "or just doesn't like Christians." While he acknowledged that it was possible that the exchange had just happened naturally, Beck didn't think so and nonetheless insisted that it had occurred "for a... MORE
Peter Montgomery, Tuesday 05/28/2013, 1:40pm
The latest fundraising pitch from the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins blasts “the national Republicans” whom he says are “running away from the natural and biblical definition of marriage, flocking to the radical side in support of same-sex ‘marriage.’” Perkins’ letter insists that allowing same-sex couples to get married is dangerous to religious liberties, to the next generation, and “dangerous to civilization itself.” Perhaps worst of all is that Obama’s “machine” would benefit from the GOP alienating its... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 05/28/2013, 1:25pm
Rick Perry, who has equated the fight against gays in the Boy Scouts to the fight to abolish slavery, told Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council on Friday’s edition of Washington Watch that the Boy Scouts of America’s delegates bowed to “political correctness” and “money” in ending the ban on gay members under the age of 18. The Texas governor went as so far as to say that God will hold the BSA’s leadership accountable: “they will look back on it someday and be held accountable, so that day will come and they will stand before their maker... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 05/28/2013, 11:35am
After a week-long break from hosting the 700 Club, Pat Robertson returned to the show today bearing a special message…for us! Robertson introduced the question-and-answer portion of the show with a tirade against a group that he declined to name that monitors his show and posts clips online. “There are organizations, there is one in particular, which I will not name, but it is set out for one purpose: to embarrass those who are conservative on television. So they take my words and they twist them and distort them,” he said. We have a pretty good idea of who he might be... MORE
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