July 2013

Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 07/25/2013, 4:34pm
Michelangelo Signorile @ Huffington Post: Bryan Fischer Talks Ken Cuccinelli, Homosexuality And Oral, Anal Sex Bans. David Corn @ Mother Jones: Inside Groundswell: Read the Memos of the New Right-Wing Strategy Group Planning a "30 Front War." Carlos Maza @ Equality Matters: Robert Oscar Lopez Is Self-Publishing A Bizarre Series Of Gay Fiction Books. Aviva Shen @ Think Progress: Did Steve King Just Compare Himself To Jesus? Josh Feldman @ Mediaite: Victoria Jackson Goes Off The Rails On O’Reilly: First Thing Communists Do Is They Kill The Christians.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 07/25/2013, 4:31pm
Not surprisingly, anti-gay activists are pleased with RNC Chairman Reince Priebus' statement that the GOP is not changing its anti-gay views. CBN's David Brody has posted video of pastors praying over Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul. There is trouble in Beckville as Glenn Beck declares that Michele Bachmann is "almost dead to me" over her vote against defunding the NSA. They are literally changing the definition of marriage. Finally, the pastor convicted of helping "ex-gay" Lisa Miller kidnap her daughter and flee the country is appealing his... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/25/2013, 3:15pm
Alan Keyes is still very, very upset with President Obama, who defeated Keyes in the 2004 Illinois Senate race, as he told Stan Solomon that Obama’s recent comments on race prove that he shouldn’t be president…and is a Muslim. “So Obama, thirty five years ago, would have been a burglar, prone to assault people and do other kinds of things that were outside the bounds of the law, that’s interesting, that’s kind of telling.” Keyes, “He would have been walking the streets of Indonesia being stalked by his fellow Muslims? I don’t know.... MORE
Miranda Blue, Thursday 07/25/2013, 3:09pm
The American Family Association of Kentucky sent out an appeal to its members today asking them to sign a petition calling for a law legalizing school prayer in the state, similar to “inspirational message” bills recently passed in Florida and Mississippi. The petition asserts that the 1962 Supreme Court decision prohibiting government-led prayer in schools was pushed by “anti-God forces” and led to a myriad of social ills, including a rise in teen pregnancy and violent crime, and “the AIDS epidemic and the drug culture.” Legalizing school prayer is “... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/25/2013, 2:40pm
Update: Liberty Counsel has since removed the photo from their page and photo albums. We know that Liberty Counsel has praised countries that criminalize homosexuality, so it shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that Liberty Counsel is citing Leviticus 20:13, which commands that gays are to be put to death, on its Facebook cover photo: We are eagerly awaiting Liberty Counsel’s other Facebook images on stoning women who had sex before marriage; adulterers; kids who curse their parents; blasphemers; sorcerers; Sabbath-breakers and false prophets. MORE
Miranda Blue, Thursday 07/25/2013, 2:39pm
Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee spent yesterday’s confirmation hearing on D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals nominee Nina Pillard harping on two points: first, that they think the D.C. Circuit doesn’t need its three vacancies filled, and second, that they think Pillard’s arguments as an academic mean she would disregard the law as a judge. As it happens, when George W. Bush was the one nominating federal judges, the very same senators held the exact opposite view on both of these issues. As People For the American Way has extensively shown, the argument that... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 07/25/2013, 2:38pm
A few weeks ago, Glenn Beck was warning that the passage of any immigration reform legislation would be the "death knell of the country." But it turns out that immigration reform is not the only thing that will destroy America, as Beck is now mobilizing his audience to get behind Sen. Mike Lee's plan to block any effort to pass a continuing resolution to keep the government operating after September 30 unless the resolution defunds health care reform. On his radio broadcast today, Beck declared that America technically died on the last election, but the "death certificate... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/25/2013, 1:40pm
Iowa Republican Steve King, who was roundly condemned for his recent comments alleging that most young undocumented immigrants are drug smugglers, took to the House Floor today to allege that his freedom of speech is under attack. In a rambling address that touched on everything from the Korean War to the George Zimmerman trial to ancient Greece, King warned that the US is on the brink of losing the freedoms of speech and assembly. The congressmen argued that people don’t agree with him because they simply aren’t being reasonable, since after all he is advocating “the most... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 07/25/2013, 1:00pm
Nothing delights us more here at Right Wing Watch than having some of our “favorites” get together, and we were lucky enough to see that yesterday when Erik Rush, the insane WorldNetDaily columnist and Fox News regular, was the special guest on TruNews with Rick Wiles. Rush told Wiles that no one, even people who actually know the definition of communism, will stop him from charging that his opponents are communists. After warning of a looming police state, Rush reiterated his call to put journalists in prison for treason: “I honestly believe that there are some news bureau... MORE
Miranda Blue, Thursday 07/25/2013, 12:27pm
Update appended. Back in 2010, Target Corporation was forced to apologize when it came out that it had funded campaign ads on behalf of virulently anti-gay Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Tom Emmer. The controversy hit the Minnesota-based company hard, in part because it vocally supports gay rights and has a reputation as a supportive workplace for LGBT people. But Target didn’t stop giving to anti-gay candidates. As Abe Sauer reported at the end of 2010, Target gave a total of $31,200 to anti-gay candidates in that election cycle. And now, the company is indirectly funding one of... MORE
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