July 2013

Brian Tashman, Tuesday 07/23/2013, 12:35pm
Rep. Peter Roskam (R-IL) is slated to appear at an upcoming anti-gay summit in St. Charles, Illinois, with African-American conservative activists including Harry Jackson, Star Parker, Ben Kinchlow and Ken Blackwell. Sponsored by groups such as the Heritage Foundation, World Congress of Families, Coalition of African-American Pastors and Illinois Family Institute, the “Black Conservative Summit” plans to train activists in how to fight the “homosexual agenda,” legal abortion’s “black genocide” and “Uncle Sam’s Plantation.” The summit... MORE
Miranda Blue, Tuesday 07/23/2013, 12:12pm
Gun Owners of America’s Larry Pratt continues to push the completely debunked conspiracy theory that the Department of Homeland Security is stockpiling ammunition to, as he put it recently, allow President Obama to raise a private army “equally as powerful as the military.” In an interview at a recent conference in Oklahoma, Pratt falsely claimed that the DHS “won’t answer” right-wing questions about ammo purchases. “The most benign explanation” for the DHS’s purchases, Pratt said, is that the Obama administration is “destroying... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 07/23/2013, 12:10pm
Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin and NewsMax radio host Steve Malzberg yesterday spent an entire interview complaining that President Obama focuses too much on race while also ignoring problems in the black community. According to Rubin, racism effectively ended with the repeal of Jim Crow laws and no one experiences racism these days, except for Obama who seeks to use race “as a crutch or a method of stirring up his base.” She says Obama isn’t letting people “get out of this racial archaeology” so they are “held prisoners forever in a past that... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 07/23/2013, 10:50am
Pat Robertson has issued yet another warning against Middle East peace negotiations, this time predicting natural disasters in the US over the country’s role in mediating talks between the Israelis and Palestinians. The televangelist, who called former Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon’s stroke divine retribution for “dividing God’s land,” told 700 Club viewers today that “from a prophetic stands point, every time the United States gets involved in some kind of a pressure on Israel to split their land there’s some natural disaster that happens here... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 07/23/2013, 10:39am
It has been no secret that there have been some among the Religious Right who have raised concerns about the prominent role that Glenn Beck has been playing within the movement because he is a practitioner of the Mormon faith.  And given David Barton's close ties to Beck, Barton has also received criticism for defending Beck, often by claiming that if you judge Beck simply by the "fruits" of his works and not his label, he is really a Christian. While Beck himself openly embraces his Mormon faith and has even dedicated entire programs to defending it, Barton continues to... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 07/23/2013, 10:20am
Religious Right organizer David Lane, who recently led an Iowa summit which featured Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Reince Priebus, believes that the US will see car bombings in Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and Des Moines, Iowa…if we’re lucky. Lane told conservative talk show host Steve Deace that such attacks would occur as part of God’s “process of mercy,” otherwise, God will be finished with the US and the country will “get judgment like Nazi Germany.” Such car bombings will take place, Lane explained, as a result of abortion rights, the national debt... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 07/23/2013, 9:51am
Glenn Beck continued his attack on President Obama for his remarks regarding the verdict in the Trayvon Martin murder trial on his television program last night by rather ironically blasting Obama for dividing the nation by placing people "in little boxes and then convincing those people that you're only in that box because of those people over there; they're the cause of all of your problems." Ummm, that pretty much sums up the basic philosophy that drives Beck's entire media empire, doesn't it? For Beck, the fact that Obama delivered his remarks without the use of... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 07/23/2013, 9:30am
In an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network's David Brody on Friday, Ted Cruz rehashed the false right-wing claims that gay rights advocates intend to pass hate speech laws and force pastors to perform same-sex nuptials. Leading Religious Right activists made the same arguments during their campaign against the Shepard-Byrd Hate Crimes Prevention Act and in debates over state marriage equality bills. Of course, such laws would be unconstitutional and have never been used to silence religious leaders or limit the freedom of speech. If you look at other nations that have gone... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/22/2013, 4:34pm
Media Matters: Limbaugh: "If Any Race Of People Should Not Have Guilt About Slavery, It's Caucasians." Joe.My.God: Scott Lively Again Takes Credit For Russia's Ban On Homosexual Propaganda. Steve Benen @ The Maddow Blog: Scalia reflects on 1930s Germany. Towleroad: The View Takes On Homophobic Virginia Gubernatorial Candidate Ken Cuccinelli. Alyssa Rosenberg @ Think Progress: Orson Scott Card Apparently Quit The Board Of The National Organization For Marriage. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 07/22/2013, 4:30pm
Bryan Fischer, who once wrote that African Americans on welfare "rut like rabbits," says that President Obama has "set race relations back another decade." Matt Barber helpfully drafts the remarks that President Obama should have delivered on the Trayvon Martin verdict. Sadly, the Southern Avenger has resigned. "Coach" Dave says he is not a homophobe ... and neither is God. Ex-gay activist  Dr. Douglas McIntyre is launching a ten day tour to protest "homo-facism." Finally, here is Sen. Ted Cruz having hands laid upon him and... MORE
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