October 2013

Brian Tashman, Wednesday 10/23/2013, 12:10pm
Pat Robertson says you must be doing something wrong if you can’t “heal” your son of deafness. After all, Robertson himself has healed deafness before, he said on the 700 Club today. Responding to a question from a mother who asked why her hearing impaired son hasn’t been healed despite her prayers, Robertson said that her son may be hindered by a “spirit of deafness.” “I have dealt with people who are deaf and you rebuke the spirit of deafness and they get healed,” Robertson said. “I don’t know what you’re doing wrong.”... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 10/23/2013, 10:55am
WordlNetDaily columnist Barry Farber thinks Ted Cruz could be America’s savior and a modern-day Vaclav Havel or Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. He even compares him to Joe McCarthy, but in a good way, and calls Cruz a “brilliant” and “rare, if not unique” leader who will rescue the country. Along with Farber’s incorrect spelling of Havel’s first name, you could only imagine that the late Czech dissident, writer, and president would be laughing at this comparison. The whole Cruz phenomenon reminds me of the billionaire industrialist who invited 50 of his... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 10/23/2013, 9:52am
As Brian noted earlier this week, the Religious Right has been promoting claims made by the Pacific Justice Institute about a transgender student in a Colorado high school who had supposedly been harassing other girls in the locker room and restrooms. In reality, there was no harassment, as the entire story originated with the fact that PJI considers the mere presence of a transgender girl to be "inherently intimidating and harassing." Today, on his "Pray In Jesus Name" program, "Dr. Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt discussed the topic where, in addition to... MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 10/23/2013, 9:30am
Virginia attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Ken Cuccinelli is a longtime conservative culture warrior, but according to one Virginia-based Tea Party leader, the reason that he is trailing in the polls behind his Democratic rival is because his hard-right record simply isn’t conservative enough. Larry Nordvig, Executive Director of the Richmond Tea Party, told Breitbart News last month that "conservatives are highly concerned about Obamacare, immigration, and moral decline, and are looking for reassurance and leadership in those areas. Attorney General Cuccinelli has not... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 10/22/2013, 4:34pm
Christopher Hooks @ The Texas Observer: At the Alamo, Protesters Get Up in Arms. Molly Redden @ Mother Jones: Cuccinelli Donated to Groups That Tell Women Abortion Causes Breast Cancer. Bruce Wilson @ AlterNet: Ted Cruz's Father Suggested His Son Is 'Anointed' to Bring About 'End Time Transfer of Wealth.' Towleroad: San Antonio Judge Leaves GOP in Blistering Video Denouncing Party's Anti-Gay Extremism. John Fea: The David Barton Dozen. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 10/22/2013, 4:30pm
Grover Norquist dared to criticize Ted Cruz, so now Glenn Beck is out to destroy him. Norquist, for his part, doesn't seem too fazed by the band of clowns Beck rounded up to lead the charge. If there were claims that a Christian was being discriminated against in a case like this, you know that Liberty Counsel would come running to their defense. Speaking of which, the Religious Right continues to claim that Phillip Monk was the victim of anti-Christian bigotry even though it is untrue. Finally, Steve Lonegan says that he lost his Senate race against Cory Booker because... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 10/22/2013, 3:39pm
Earlier this year, a right-wing activist named Jim Garrow started claiming that President Obama had instituted a litmus test within the military, requiring leaders to pledge to fire on American civilians if so ordered and purging anyone who refused. Yesterday, Garrow showed up on Rick Wiles' End Times radio broadcast to claim that for the last forty years, he had been working as an undercover intelligence officer for the US government until he was forced out last month by President Obama for revealing this information. During the interview, Garrow claimed that everyone in the intelligence... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 10/22/2013, 3:00pm
Following his rant against lesbian-indoctrinating, abortion-loving Girl Scouts and their “wicked” cookies, Kevin Swanson of Generations Radio criticized Hillary Clinton for boosting efforts to empower women in developing countries by helping them procure cows. The Colorado-based pastor was upset about a Bloomberg Businessweek article which linked economic development to more liberal divorce laws. He warned that efforts backed by Clinton to improve women’s economic status will “destroy the nuclear family” — and society at large — by convincing a woman... MORE
Miranda Blue, Tuesday 10/22/2013, 2:02pm
Earlier this month, the extremist gun group Gun Owners of America announced that it was endorsing Virginia attorney general Ken Cuccinelli in next month’s gubernatorial contest and urged its supporters to do “everything you can” to elect the Republican. Though Cuccinelli’s campaign doesn’t seem to have touted GOA’s endorsement at the time, it is now prominently featuring the endorsement on its website. While it’s no surprise that GOA is backing Cuccinelli, Cuccinelli’s touting of the GOA’s endorsement should raise some eyebrows. GOA is an... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 10/22/2013, 1:30pm
Brian Camenker of MassResistance chatted with Mission America’s Linda Harvey over the weekend to discuss his article about how gay rights activists and athletes will “smuggle pro-LGBT propaganda into Russia” during the Olympics. The anti-gay activist said he isn’t sure how many athletes would go along with the efforts to protest Russia’s law criminalizing pro-gay rights speech, explaining that gay people aren’t athletes because the “the psychological issues that are going through you in the homosexual lifestyle” undermines their “stability... MORE
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