November 2013

Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/26/2013, 1:25pm
In a Christian Post column his week, Southern Baptist leader Richard Land argues that single women are unqualified to raise their children and should always give their kids up for adoption as “the best option for everyone concerned.” “Keeping the baby is almost never preferable to allowing a baby to be adopted into a solid, faithful Christian home,” Land writes. Although Land notes that there are “more than 100,000 children in foster care in America alone,” he cites the Judgment of Solomon to suggest that single mothers are being selfish by not putting... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/26/2013, 12:20pm
Appearing on Sandy Rios In The Morning today, anti-gay activist/gay erotic novelist Robert Oscar Lopez criticized marriage equality advocates for their role in passing a same-sex marriage law in Hawaii, which he said is uniquely offensive because it reminds Hawaii’s large Asian-American community of post-war human trafficking. “Look what they did in Hawaii, that’s a state where over sixty percent of the population is Asian-American; they’re the people who came from South Korea, from Japan, from the Philippines, countries that have a very, very controversial history... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/26/2013, 12:04pm
Inspired by reports that the African nation of Angola had outlawed the religion of Islam and begun dismantling mosques, Bryan Fischer called for similar steps to be taken in America. Though the claims turned out to be false, Fischer said on his radio program yesterday that under the Constitution as it was originally written, individual states have the freedom and power to declare Islam to be illegal and prohibit Muslims from practicing it or building mosques. "Angola has made Islam illegal in the country," Fischer said, "and they are dismantling mosques. Mosques are illegal and... MORE
Peter Montgomery, Tuesday 11/26/2013, 11:49am
Larry Klayman’s effort to launch a Second American Revolution is fueled by all kinds of conspiracy theories, in addition to some reality-based concerns like the extent of the NSA’s electronic snooping. At Klayman’s rally last week, the now-expected invocations of tyranny and gun control fascism appeared alongside more esoteric theories, such as one about American sovereignty having been destroyed by an act of Congress in 1871 that changed “The Constitution for the United States of America” to “THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES,” and in the process... MORE
Miranda Blue, Tuesday 11/26/2013, 10:44am
A couple of weeks ago, the Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society -- an Illinois-based group that through its World Congress of Families helped promote Russia’s new anti-gay laws -- was forced to relocate a Capitol Hill symposium on “family policy lessons from foreign lands” when Sen. Mark Kirk learned what it was up to and pulled the plug on its meeting room. The group got a last-minute helping hand from House Speaker John Boehner , but the symposium’s speakers – World Congress of Families (WCF) founder Allan Carlson, Catholic Family & Human... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 11/26/2013, 10:32am
On yesterday's "Faith and Freedom" radio program, Mat Staver recounted a recent trip he made to Peru where he was hailed by government leaders for his anti-gay work in America and given a medal for his efforts to help prevent Peru from being taken over by President Obama godless colonialism. On today's broadcast, Staver continued to discuss his trip, revealing that he was praised and thanked for his work everywhere he went, including during a rally at a soccer stadium where he was brought to tears by tens of thousands of people cheering for him.  As Staver explained,... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 11/26/2013, 10:30am
WorldNetDaily’s Mychal Massie, who has suggested that President Obama is the Antichrist and a Satanic pawn, contends in a column today that the president is a lying, communist monster because he was sexually molested as a child…by Frank Marshall Davis. Right-wing conspiracy theorists regularly claim that Davis, a labor rights activist, indoctrinated Obama as part of a Manchurian Candidate scheme, or is even Obama’s real father. In the column, Massie chides Obama’s parents for being “the most dysfunctional, hate-filled, delusional,... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/25/2013, 5:35pm
TFN Insider: How Science Won in the Texas Textbook Battle. Hemant Mehta @ Friendly Atheist: The Pastor Who Started the Whole Costco/Bible Controversy Is Ashamed at How Christians Have Reacted. Sarah Posner @ Religion Dispatches: Hobby Lobby, Contraception, the Supreme Court, and the Bible. Noah Rothman @ Mediaite: Fox & Friends Hosts: Was Iran Deal’s ‘Curious Timing’ Meant to Change Subject From Obamacare? Annie-Rose Strasser @ Think Progress: Media Feeding Panic Over The So-Called ‘Knockout Game’ That Might Not Even Exist. David... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 11/25/2013, 5:31pm
Rick Santorum's first outing as a Christian movie mogul is not off to a good start. WND and FRC continue to claim that the Southern Poverty Law Center has been "linked to domestic terrorism." A few weeks ago, Glenn Beck called Sen. John Cornyn a "piece of crap," but was exceedingly deferential when Cornyn appeared on his radio show today. AFA is now boycotting Radio Shack. Mark Krikorian says the Catholic church is for immigration reform because it’s trying to replace depleting population of churchgoers. Finally, Bryan Fischer... MORE
Miranda Blue, Monday 11/25/2013, 4:23pm
Suzanne Venker, Phyllis Schalfly’s niece and an anti-feminist crusader in her own right, joined the pickup geniuses from “The Art of Charm Podcast” last week to provide an introduction to anti-feminism for lovelorn men. Venker lamented that feminism is “messing with people’s lives” by egging on women to get “degree upon degree upon degree” who “may be 30 before they’re getting out and even starting their career.” Which prompted Venker’s interviewer to ask her about Mad Men: “That’s one of the reasons... MORE
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