December 2013

Miranda Blue, Monday 12/02/2013, 12:16pm
This weekend, Tea Party Nation president Judson Philips emailed to the group’s members an article by TPN writer Darwin Rockantansky that compares the Affordable Care Act to rape. Rockantansky starts off his article by musing about “Law & Order: SVU” villains who claim that their victims “enjoy” rape. This, he says, is just like Affordable Care Act proponents defending the ACA to their relatives at Thanksgiving dinner. “Their message is truly quite simple,” he writes. “Lie back and quit fighting and eventually you will enjoy the experience.... MORE
Peter Montgomery, Monday 12/02/2013, 12:13pm
“Christian nation” advocate David Lane is organizing pastors in more than a dozen states in order to elect like-minded candidates, and hopes to get conservative evangelicals to coalesce around a presidential candidate in 2016 (it’s early, but Ted Cruz seems to have an inside track). On Thanksgiving, Lane urged American Christians to ask God for mercy and forgiveness for “what we Christians have allowed to happen to America in our lifetime.” Lane argues that the pilgrims, who believed that their undertaking was “for the glory of God and the advancement... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 12/02/2013, 11:50am
In a blog post published Friday, Erik Rush demands that journalists, Obama administration officials, and anyone who criticizes Erik Rush be jailed for treason. In a post entitled, “Obama is a dangerous, psychopathic dictator – Period,” Rush alleges that all of these groups are treasonous because they refuse to expose President Obama’s secret plot to nuke America and kill 300 million people. He starts off his argument by citing a clearly sarcastic remark by Bill Ayers to argue that Ayers was the real author of President Obama’s book Dreams From My Father. “[... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 12/02/2013, 11:40am
Conservative Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson knows who to blame for the “knockout game,” the latest fictional crime wave to catch the imagination of the right-wing media. President Obama and Oprah Winfrey, writes Peterson, are “encouraging these blacks to attack whites” and inflaming “black thugs [to] attack unsuspecting whites.” In a WorldNetDaily column on Friday, Peterson writes that Obama and Winfrey use “racial demagoguery” and “race baiting” to “encourage division and hatred between races,” and are therefore to blame for... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 12/02/2013, 11:30am
Right-wing commentators continue to attack Pope Francis for his recent indictment of consumerism and unfettered capitalism, and WorldNetDaily is cheering them on. In a cartoon by Mike Lester published in WND on Thursday, Francis spray paints over the line “Teach a man to fish” — which is not actually a Bible verse but is commonly misrepresented as one — and replaces it with “Give a man a fish.” Jonathan Moseley of the Northern Virginia Tea Party also took to the conservative news outlet yesterday to maintain that Jesus is crying over the Pope’s... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 12/02/2013, 10:40am
After attacking Pope Francis, anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller is now going after the New York Times for reporting that the high rate of breast cancer among Israeli women has led to calls for a “national screening campaign to test women for cancer-causing genetic mutations common among Jews.” “Jews of Ashkenazi, or central and eastern European, backgrounds, who make up about half the Jews in Israel and the vast majority of those in the United States, are much more likely to carry mutations that increase the risks for both breast and ovarian cancers, according to the... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 12/02/2013, 10:25am
In a Renew America column Saturday, Alan Keyes attacked Wyoming Senate candidate Liz Cheney for not denouncing marriage equality strongly enough, claiming that her opposition is so weak that it will only help the gay rights movement. Keyes, like Cheney, has an openly gay family member: He disowned his daughter after she came out of the closet. During his 2004 campaign for Senate against then-state senator Barack Obama, Keyes derided Liz Cheney’s openly gay sister Mary as a “selfish hedonist”; at the time, Liz said she would not “dignify [the remark] with a comment.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 12/02/2013, 10:07am
On Friday's "News With Views" broadcast, "Coach" Dave Daubenmire told his viewers that, just as he has been warning for a dozen years, the legalization of gay marriage is now leading to the legalization of pedophilia. "Hey folks, hear me now: the pedophiles are coming," Daubenmire asserted, pointing to the bogus claims made by the American Family Association as evidence. "We tried to warn you, that's exactly where this slippery slope would take us," he said. "Once, in 2001, when we declared that a man had a right to legal homosexual sodomy... MORE
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