December 2013

Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 5:29pm
Gee, how could anybody have ever guessed that one of the stars of "Duck Dynasty" was an anti-gay bigot? Could the fact that they show up on AFA and at Liberty U might have been a hint? Napp Nazworth says "this polygamy case is being viewed through the marriage lens, but it should be viewed through the religious freedom lens. MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 4:10pm
Robert Knight of the American Civil Right Union says that it is time for Republicans to “get off the psychiatrists’ couches” and take it to President Obama by embracing the Tea Party. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 3:42pm
Glenn Beck rips President Obama's Olympic delegation as "nursery school stuff" and wants him to walk out arm-in-arm with gay athletes, before hailing Sen. Ted Cruz as potentially the next Ronald Reagan. MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 3:15pm
Steve Deace recently went on a mission trip to Haiti, which he discussed on his radio show today with Michael Peroutka, a white supremacist who heads the Institute On The Constitution. Peroutka took the opportunity to warn Deace that the US may soon look a lot like Haiti because the government has “abandoned” biblical law. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 2:09pm
Brent Bozell does not like the interpretation of events put forth in the film "Philomena" so he's re-framing it so that it better corresponds to his right-wing views. MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 1:45pm
With students and alumni of a Catholic school in Pennsylvania rallying around a teacher who was fired for planning to marry his partner in New Jersey, where same-sex marriage is legal, a state lawmaker proposed an amendment to prevent such discriminatory practices. MORE
Miranda Blue, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 12:24pm
The Family Research Council is upset that Obama administration allies are working to enroll LGBT people – who are disproportionately uninsured -- in health care plans because they are “a high risk pool fed by even higher risk behavior.” MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 11:59am
Larry Klayman will be seeking national security clearance, which he expects to receive because he had such a clearance when he worked for the Justice Department under President Regan. MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 11:55am
VCY America’s Vic Eliason warned this month that the effort to end the ban on gay men from donating blood is part of a push to normalize pedophilia and bestiality. The Crosstalk host said that same-sex marriage will inevitably mainstream “the molestation of children” and bestiality, which he described as “part of the abnormal, homosexual and immoral lifestyle.” MORE
Brian Tashman, Wednesday 12/18/2013, 11:15am
Scott Lively, the radical preacher and Massachusetts gubernatorial candidate, is predicting that 2014 will be the year that the tide turns back in the favor of the anti-gay Right. In a column today, Lively describes the struggle between the Religious Right and gay rights advocates as “a battle between Good and Evil.” MORE
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