February 2014

Brian Tashman, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 2:10pm
The president of a right-wing Arizona group that’s advocating for the state’s gay segregation bill said yesterday that the extremist legislation is simply an expression of the religious freedom that American service members fight to preserve. Speaking withto Family Research Council president Tony Perkins on yesterday’s edition of Washington Watch, Cathi Herrod of the Center for Arizona Policy accused the bill’s opponents of “incredible hostility to religion.” “Our first freedom, our ability to live out our religious belief as our founders intended, as... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 1:35pm
In an interview yesterday on Line of Fire Radio, Alliance Defending Freedom counsel Joseph La Rue defended the Arizona gay segregation that bill the ADF helped craft. La Rue insisted that religious people will be “treated as second class citizens by their government” if the legislation — passed by both houses of the Arizona legislature — isn’t signed into law, and preposterously claimed that the bill “is not about denying service.” “Comparing it to Jim Crow is just beyond the pale,” he said. MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 12:25pm
Truth in Action Ministries spokesmen John Robe and Jerry Newcombe are lashing out at this year’s Grammy Awards show for featuring a mass wedding celebration that included same-sex couples. While discussing the Grammys on Sunday’s edition of Truth That Transforms, Newcombe asked: “How low can we go?” “It’s as if we’ve gone as far as we can go now,” Rabe said, adding that he was offended that the wedding service included a church background and choir. Rabe said the ceremony was proof that we’re in “a culture under judgment,”... MORE
Miranda Blue, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 12:15pm
In an interview late last month with Stan Solomon of the Talk to Solomon Show, Eagle Forum founder Phyllis Schlafly agreed with Solomon’s suggestion that President Obama’s opponents “should be at least as strong as the Ukrainians” and march on Washington to depose the current government. “If we would have not 100,000 but 100 million march on Washington and say, ‘No way,’ I don’t think our military and the few pitiful police they have there wouldn’t be able to stop us,” Solomon said. “I don’t think our military would... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 12:07pm
On yesterday's TruNews radio program, End Times broadcaster Rick Wiles brought his son Jeremy on to push back against Pat Robertson's recent assertion that Young Earth Creationism is "a joke." As Jeremy Wiles explained, we could not possibly know that the earth is billions of years old because Noah's flood would have washed away all the evidence. Thus, the reason that Robertson is making this claim, Wiles asserted, is because "he doesn't want to feel like an outcast" and is trying to make the Bible fit in with the secular scientific worldview. But that is a... MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 11:45am
In an interview with the American Family Association’s Tim Wildmon at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention yesterday, NRB president Jerry Johnson said that the FCC or the IRS will try to shut down religious television broadcasts as a result of “de facto Sharia law” and the issue of same-sex marriage. “I think there is a de facto Sharia law effect, where we’re not under Sharia law but broadcasters feel like they can’t talk about Jesus and the Quran, Jesus and Mohammad,” Johnson warned. “The government has a new view of marriage,... MORE
Miranda Blue, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 11:17am
In a 2012 campaign speech for his son, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Rafael Cruz warned that President Obama was pushing for gun violence prevention laws in order to “impose a dictatorship upon us.” “They are trying to take our God and our guns,” he said in the speech, which was uploaded to YouTube in July 2012. “And if they do that, then they can impose a dictatorship upon us.” Cruz also pushed the conspiracy theory that the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty would “impose a ban on guns.” MORE
Brian Tashman, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 11:00am
Today on the 700 Club, Pat Robertson criticized Attorney General Eric Holder’s latest announcement on gay rights and defended the efforts of lawmakers in states such as Arizona and Kansas to legalize anti-LGBT discrimination. Robertson unbelievably claimed that such right-to-discriminate bills won’t hurt anybody: “What we’re looking at here is a basic fundamental right of American people to conduct their business in ways they want to as long as it doesn’t hurt somebody else.” “There’s something un-American about forcing a bakery to bake a... MORE
Miranda Blue, Tuesday 02/25/2014, 10:07am
Conservative pundit and former Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan suggests in his column today that the U.S. repeal all civil rights laws. “A radical idea: Suppose we repealed the civil rights laws and fired all the bureaucrats enforcing these laws,” Buchanan writes. “Does anyone think hotels, motels and restaurants across Dixie, from D.C. to Texas, would stop serving black customers? Does anyone think there would again be signs sprouting up reading 'whites' and 'colored' on drinking foundations and restrooms?” Buchanan is particularly upset... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 02/24/2014, 5:36pm
PFAW: Tell Gov. Brewer: Veto Anti-Gay Discrimination in Arizona . Jeremy Hooper: Scott Lively: Homosexuality should still be classified as mental illness. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: Conservative Lawmakers And Arizona Businesses Urge Governor To Veto Anti-Gay Bill. Luke Brinker @ Equality Matters: Watch CNN's Cuomo Call Out The Extremist Group Behind Arizona's Anti-Gay Bill. Andy Towle @ Towleroad: White House Releases Statement Denouncing Uganda's Anti-Gay Law. Tommy Christopher @ Mediaiate: Obama’s Cousin Tries to Explain Posting and... MORE
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