March 2014

Kyle Mantyla, Monday 03/31/2014, 4:37pm
Ben Dooley @ Mother Jones: Who's Behind Newsweek? Charles Johnson @ LGF: Rep. Steve Pearce (R-NM) Dumps Loony Right Wing Hate-Blogger After Outcry. David Edwards @ Raw Story: Colorado GOP candidate calls Obama birth certificate a ‘myth’ in uncovered video. Andrew Kaczynski @ BuzzFeed: Why Did A Republican Senate Candidate’s Controversial Website Disappear From The Internet Archive? Kyler Geoffroy @ Towleroad: Scott Lively Denies Anti-Gay Role in Uganda, Says Obama Might 'Be a Homosexual'. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 03/31/2014, 4:31pm
Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas will deliver the keynote address at Liberty University’s Convocation on Wednesday. This is a phrase that ought to automatically disqualify anyone who is running for office: "Dan Bongino: Guest of honor at WND Christmas party." Scott Lively has now taken up the case of Justina Pelletier and is challenging his fellow gubernatorial candidates to do the same. Phyllis Schlafly has "endorsed Bob Marshall for Congress in the upcoming April 26 primary to fill the vacancy left by Congressman Frank Wolf’s retirement in... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 03/31/2014, 3:40pm
These days, it is apparently a scandal that an aid project is helping children gain access to basic sanitation, because Obama! WorldNetDaily’s latest exposé, “Obama Gives Military Latrine Duty New Meaning,” reports the scandal that an engineering office in the Navy is soliciting contracts [PDF] “to provide for the construction of (16) female dry-pit latrines and to furnish and install a centrifugal pump to serve the potable water catchment system” at a Kenyan school. WND writes that this contract is just “the latest slap to the face of U.S.... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 03/31/2014, 2:54pm
On his radio broadcast today, Glenn Beck accused President Obama of lying about what was discussed during the recent meeting he held with Pope Francis, which then set off some extended lecture from Beck about the inevitable failure of socialism whenever and wherever it is tried. Admitting that the foundational principle at the heart of socialism - give to those in need - is a Judeo-Christian principle, Beck said that it never actually works in practice. There has been plenty of religious groups that have voluntarily tried to implement it, he said, and it has always ended in starvation and... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 03/31/2014, 2:45pm
In a discussion with Eric Metaxas at last year’s Florida Family Policy Council summit, Sen. Marco Rubio said that the separation of church and state is a myth, arguing that the First Amendment only precludes an “officially sanctioned denomination.” “This notion of separation between church and state, you won’t find those words in the Constitution,” Rubio said. “That doesn’t mean that we should have an officially sanctioned denomination.” Rubio warned that “there is an effort to silence those or to crowd out of its rightful place the... MORE
Miranda Blue, Monday 03/31/2014, 2:21pm
On her Eagle Forum Live radio program Saturday, Phyllis Schlafly claimed that President Obama’s “communist training by Saul Alinsky” inspired him to try to “break the capitalist system” by giving out government “handouts.” Schlafly made her remarks in response to a caller who demanded, “I’d like to know how many in our Congress, in our government, are really in truly Americans. I would like to see how many communists we have in there.” “Well, I’m not ready to call them communists,” Schlafly said, “but of... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 03/31/2014, 1:10pm
If feminists truly want to liberate women, says author and WorldNetDaily columnist Patrice Lewis, then they should simply make their husbands head of the household so they can be free from making tough decisions. Lewis writes today that giving her husband “the final say” is “freeing” because it “makes life easier for both my husband and me.” The real oppressors, of course, are feminists: “If there is a dissenting opinion between us, and unless I can demonstrate why my position is superior, then I defer to his guidance. Oooh, sacrilege to the feminist... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Monday 03/31/2014, 12:43pm
Recently, some billboards went up around Ohio proclaiming that "Jesus Is A Muslim" and they are not sitting well with "Coach" Dave Daubenmire who organized a rally against the billboards in Columbus over the weekend. Daubenmire has posted clips from the rally on his YouTube page and though the event was hampered by cold and rainy conditions, a small group of passionate supporters turned out to join Daubenmire and other speakers in railing against "the evil spirit of Islam" and declaring, as preacher Rusty Thomas did, that America "is the Lord's house... MORE
Miranda Blue, Monday 03/31/2014, 12:36pm
Anti-choice activist Lila Rose of Live Action was Ginni Thomas’ guest this week on her Daily Caller interview show, where the two discussed how to fix the “erosion” of American culture and return to “natural law.” Thomas, a Tea Party activist who is married to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, asked Rose, “Years from now when history books are written about this culture, what are they going to see, and how do we stop the erosion?” The Live Action founder responded, “Years from now, when history books are written about our culture, what I... MORE
Brian Tashman, Monday 03/31/2014, 12:30pm
The right-wing myth that the Obama administration handed oversight of the Internet to foreign powers continues to spread, even after it has been roundly debunked. As part of a sixteen year plan, the administration relinquished government oversight to a US-backed non-profit instead of a United Nations-led organization. But conservative activists have consistently claimed that President Obama actually gave control to the UN group, even though that is completely false. Today, WorldNetDaily pundit Gina Loudon writes in reaction to the Internet decision that Americans should “seriously... MORE
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