May 2014

Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/01/2014, 10:50am
Annette Bosworth, a South Dakota Republican Senate candidate, accused Right Wing Watch yesterday of “dishonesty” for reporting on an image she shared on her official Facebook page which compares people who receive food assistance to wild animals. Bosworth didn’t explain how RWW’s post was dishonest, and the image in question is still on her Facebook page. In fact, it seems that we’ve hit a nerve with Bosworth, as her page now features eight different posts with the same exact message about “being attacked by a far left wing group.” MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 05/01/2014, 10:40am
Last month, a transgender teacher in Texas was removed from the classroom after parents complained and, predictably, "Dr. Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt fully supports the move because there is no reason to allow "transgendered perverts to stand in front of children and recruit them into sexual perversion." While addressing the issue on his "Pray In Jesus Name" program, Klingenschmitt said there was "a demonic spirit inside of this man who is lying to you ... there's a spirit of lying when a man claims to be a woman and he's not a woman" before... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/01/2014, 10:20am
The American Family Association’s Sandy Rios is pointing to the tornado that hit the AFA’s home of Tupelo, Mississippi, yesterday as evidence that humans shouldn’t try to combat climate change. Rios said on her radio show yesterday that tornadoes reflect the power of God, and therefore there is no point in trying to combat climate change because we are mere mortals. “We are ants in the face of this, and so then for us to talk about controlling the weather and global — somehow if we drive different SUVs or don’t emit too much CO2 — somehow we can stop... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/01/2014, 10:14am
Appearing last week on the TV web show America’s Survival, Americans For Truth About Homosexuality president Peter LaBarbera attacked Modern Family and other TV shows for portraying gays as “the most noble” characters. LaBarbera seemed to chide Modern Family both for including a gay couple and not focusing on the couple enough: “We see Modern Family where you’ve got two homosexual men raising an infant or a toddler like it’s nothing, like it’s nothing out of the ordinary. Of course, that’s intentional. They don’t even make that the main... MORE
Miranda Blue, Thursday 05/01/2014, 10:11am
This week’s Capitol Hill lobby day for evangelical pastors who support immigration reform did not sit well with Rick Scarborough and Robert Knight of Tea Party Unity. In a joint post on TPU’s website, the two write that these evangelical pastors want to “empower the Left to finally end the world’s longest experiment in liberty and self-government” and to “usher in an oppressive era that could make the current lawlessness seem like a golden age.” “[S]ome of the pastors are spectacularly naïve while others are knowingly trying to destroy the... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 05/01/2014, 10:08am
On his radio broadcast yesterday, Glenn Beck restated his belief that the United States is engaged in wholesale Baal worship without even knowing it. As Beck sees it, ancient Baal worshipers engaged in sexual perversion and child sacrifice all in order to please their god and receive his blessings and that is exactly what America is doing today where abortion is legal and sexual perversion is running rampant. "The signs are always the same," Beck said. "We are practicing the same thing." "Who are we anymore?," he wondered. "It's sexual excess for... MORE
Miranda Blue, Thursday 05/01/2014, 10:06am
Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips is reacting to Tuesday’s horrific botched execution of Oklahoma inmate Clayton Lockett with his typical nuance and sensitivity. “Who really cares if he suffered a little?” Phillips asks of Lockett, who died of a heart attack 43 minutes after a lethal injection gone wrong. “If the left insists that we use drugs to execute people, why not just a massive overdose of opiates?” he wonders.” According to some press reports, when actor Phillip Seymore Hoffman overdosed, death was so fast, the needle was still in his arm.... MORE
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