May 2014

Brian Tashman, Friday 05/23/2014, 10:10am
When Ben Carson lauded Republicans who take a politically-motivation position on abortion rights in order to win elections, one of his fellow potential GOP presidential candidates was not impressed. In an interview with Newsmax TV host Steve Malzberg yesterday, Rick Santorum took issue with Carson’s support for Oregon GOP Senate nominee Monica Wehby’s “savvy” and “pragmatic” pro-choice position, which Carson implied does not comport with Wehby’s personal beliefs. Santorum told Malzberg that Wehby’s stance on abortion rights is “... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 05/22/2014, 4:35pm
Caitlin Dickson @ The Daily Beast: Inside a Hollywood Hit Job: How Sting Artist James O’Keefe Tried to Set His Latest Trap – And Got Stung Himself. Daniel Strauss @ TPM: McDaniel: 'Constitutional Clayton' Conspirators Should Be Prosecuted To Full Extent Of Law. Igor Volsky @ Think Progress: Pennsylvania Just Legalized Same Sex Marriage And Rick Santorum Has Nothing To Say. Kyler Geoffroy @ Towleroad: Indiana GOP Debating Whether to Bring Back Party Platform Supporting ‘Traditional’ Marriage. David Weigel: Joe Garcia and the Derp Gap. MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 05/22/2014, 4:30pm
Erik Rush insists that all of his conspiracy theories are not conspiracy theories at all because these conspiracies are all real! A very intriguing headline: "Exotic Dancer Finds Freedom From Demonic Attacks." Liberty Counsel is excited by arguments that atheism/humanism is a religion because it might lead to allowing the teaching of creationism in public schools. Did you know that political correctness is a form of hate? Now you do. Finally, Bryan Fischer says that our culture is like the World Trade Center and right-wing pastors are the courageous first... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/22/2014, 4:15pm
Robert R. Reilly, the former Bush administration official who recently wrote a book explaining how gay people are worse than murderers, responds in a column today to the new HBO film “The Normal Heart.” Reilly writes that if gay people want to end HIV/AIDS, they should simply return to the closet, just as smokers give up cigarettes and alcoholics stop drinking. He adds that gay people only have themselves to blame for HIV, calling the virus “Nature’s way of tapping us on the shoulder to let us know that these activities are misuses of our bodies.” “[O]n... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/22/2014, 4:00pm
Conservative talk show host Lars Larson and Breitbart columnist C. Edmund Wright added their voices last week to right-wing outrage over NFL recruit Michael Sam’s televised kiss with his boyfriend, linking the kiss to supposed anti-Christian persecution in America. Suggesting that all Christians are hostile to gay rights and gay people, Wright said he “doubts” Christians who work for ESPN “share all of this celebration that’s going on throughout the media and their employer.” Larson, for his part, compared media coverage of Sam’s kiss to laws making... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/22/2014, 3:10pm
WorldNetDaily managing editor David Kupelian argued this weekend that the negative reactions to Michael Sam kissing his boyfriend on TV actually came from God. “If you take a 5-year-old who looks at that and he says, ‘Ick, that’s gross,’ that is something of God, of innocence, goodness and wholesomeness in that child who sees something yucky,” he told “Mission America” host Linda Harvey. He alleged that the “gay agenda” wants to “confuse” children, thereby “destroying that child’s mind and soul for life.” Even... MORE
Kyle Mantyla, Thursday 05/22/2014, 2:49pm
A few days ago, a conservative blogger in Mississippi named Clayton Kelly was arrested "after allegedly trespassing at the nursing home where Mississippi Sen. Thad Cochran's wife lives and posting a picture of the Republican's spouse online without permission." Kelly was apparently a supporter of Chris McDaniel, who is running against Cochran in the upcoming Republican primary and today, Glenn Beck invited McDaniel onto his radio program to discuss his race, during which Beck fumed that the media was falsely claiming that the Tea Party was involved in this episode. From Beck... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/22/2014, 2:30pm
Writing for Alan Keyes’s group Renew America today, conservative pundit Selwyn Duke says that he was disgusted by First Lady Michelle Obama’s recent speech commemorating the Brown v. Board of Education ruling. Duke writes that the first lady, instead of condemning segregation and slavery, should be grateful and “kiss the ground trod by our ancestors and thank God for our civilization's existence.” “Really, this all reminds me of how no good deed goes unpunished,” he adds. Tony Bennett left his heart in San Francisco – and Michelle Obama left her... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/22/2014, 12:00pm
Religious Right pundit “Coach” Dave Daubenmire writes in a column today that he’s tired of listening to “President Homobama,” “Debbie Whats-in-her-mouth Shultz” and “low-testosterone” men on “progressive cable TV.” He goes on to blame the “constant barrage of gender-void reporters,” namely “bossy women and gelded men,” on the gays and “earth-worshippers” in Hollywood who make sure that “a middle-of-the-road-homo-football player be celebrated while the God-fearing Twin-Towers of Truth... MORE
Brian Tashman, Thursday 05/22/2014, 11:25am
In an apparent effort to bolster the conservative credentials of embattled Oregon GOP U.S. Senate nominee Monica Wehby yesterday, Ben Carson implied that she only supports abortion rights in order to win votes. Wehby has campaigned as a candidate who is “personally pro-life” but supports a woman’s right to choose, a view held by many in the pro-choice community. Carson suggested in an interview with Steve Malzberg of Newsmax TV that Wehby only took a pro-choice stance in order to help her stay competitive in her race to unseat Democratic Sen. Jeff Merkley. Carson, who has... MORE
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