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Dawn Huckelbridge

Senior Advisor to Policy and YEO State Strategies

Dawn Huckelbridge is the senior advisor to policy and YEO state strategies at PFAW, where she manages the YEO Network programs as well as its policy portfolio with the greater organization. She has professional and academic expertise in women’s political representation and gender policy, as well as broad experience with youth and Millennial engagement. She has written for Ms. Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Mic, Teen Vogue, and Thomson Reuters, and has been interviewed by GVH Live, Counter Point, and the Dean Obeidallah Show.

Most recently during the 2016 election cycle, Dawn served as coordinated program director for the Community Outreach Group at Planned Parenthood, where she recruited and managed a campaign team to implement the largest coordinated campaign programs in key battleground states to date. Prior to that she served as the YEO Network managing director and policy director. Dawn also consulted for the Center for Women Policy Studies, providing support to a global network of elected officials, and she served as deputy director of the Barbara Lee Family Foundation and Political Office, supporting women’s political leadership nationally. She also has worked in strategic political and issue communications with GMMB and has consulted on a number of international political and public interest projects, from human trafficking in the UK to women’s political representation in Armenia. She graduated from the London School of Economics and Political Science with a master’s degree in gender and social policy. She earned her bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, where she studied communications and political science.

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Dawn Huckelbridge's Areas of Expertise

  • Women’s Equality and Leadership
  • Youth Leadership
  • Millennial Engagement