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Drew Courtney

Vice President for Communications and Research

Drew Courtney is vice president for communications and research at People For the American Way, where he is responsible for all of the organization’s public communications and right-wing research. In particular, his work has focused on organizing and messaging around fair and just courts and combating right-wing extremism. Courtney leads PFAW’s Right Wing Watch work to track, expose, and counter the activities of the Far Right. He also leads communications efforts surrounding judicial nominations – he was a key player in PFAW’s work to confirm Supreme Court Justices Sotomayor and Kagan in addition to key nominees to the lower federal courts and the Department of Justice.

He has served as a spokesperson for print, television, and radio interviews, including appearances on Good Morning America, Politics Nation with Al Sharpton, CNN, and the BBC.

Prior to joining PFAW, Courtney worked in the office of Senator Blanche Lincoln, at an NGO dedicated to sustainable development in Africa, and as a public school teacher in rural Arkansas. He is a graduate of Georgetown University.

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