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PFAW Action Fund Announces New Endorsements of Young Elected Progressives
People For the American Way Action Fund announced today a third round of endorsements of dynamic young progressive candidates running for public office across the United States. The four endorsees are a diverse mix of candidates 35 and under...
PFAW Releases New Spanish-Language Ad Challenging Deal and Perdue in Georgia
Today People For the American Way released its most recent Spanish-language TV ad highlighting the troubling records of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and GOP Senate candidate David Perdue on employment issues. The ad will air starting today in...
Diversity in Obama's Judicial Nominees
The impact of a personally and professionally diverse federal bench.
Even Michele Bachmann Is Fed Up With The ‘Bizarre And Absurd’ Level Of Money In Politics
We know from polls that Americans on the left, right and everywhere in between are fed up with the destructive role of big money in politics and are ready for a solution to the unchecked flood of spending that has been released by a recent string of...
PFAW Spanish-Language Ads Challenge Tillis in North Carolina
Today People For the American Way (PFAW) launched a new Spanish-language TV ad highlighting North Carolina Senate candidate Thom Tillis’s alarming track record on education and the minimum wage. The ad will air starting today in Charlotte,...
New Spanish-Language Radio Ad in Colorado Calls Out Gardner on His Extreme Views
Radio listeners in Colorado will be hearing a new Spanish-language radio ad today highlighting the stark differences between the Senate candidates’ stances on environmental issues. The ad, aired by NextGen Climate and supported by People...
PFAW Activists Host “Ditch Mitch” Debate Watching Party
On Monday night, Sen. Mitch McConnell and Democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes went face-to-face in debate for the first and only time in their race, and PFAW activists were paying attention.   More than 50 people turned out to a...
PFAW Announces 2014 Endorsements for Federal Office
PFAW is proud to announce 13 new endorsements. These candidates and officials, representing a diverse and broad swath of constituencies, are some of the best and brightest progressive champions in the country. Pete Aguilar (CA-31) Staci...
Fifth Circuit's Voter ID Decision Shows the Attitude of Bush's Judges
What is the public interest in enforcing a voting law that was found to have been passed with the intent to discriminate?
Did a Nevada Federal Judge Let Personal Beliefs Affect His Marriage Ruling?
Why did the federal district judge who'd upheld Nevada's marriage ban remove himself from the case when the 9th Circuit ordered him to implement its pro-equality decision?
New PFAW and NextGen Climate Spanish-Language Ad Challenges Gardner in Colorado
People For the American Way and NextGen Climate today released a new Spanish-language TV ad challenging Colorado Senate candidate Cory Gardner on his record of standing on the side of polluters and wealthy donors. The ad will air in Denver and...
Texas Judge Could Teach the Roberts Court a Thing or Two
A Texas federal judge strikes down that state's restrictive voter ID law as intentionally discriminatory.
The Roberts Court Gives North Carolinians a Reason to Vote
North Carolina voters can help reshape the Supreme Court that has undercut their right to vote.
Marriage Bans Overturned in Idaho and Nevada
Yesterday, a three-judge panel of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled unanimously in favor of equality, striking down same-sex marriage bans in Idaho and Nevada. Judge Stephen Reinhardt delivered the ruling for the panel, which applied heightened...
Another Nail in the Coffin for Baker v. Nelson
The Supreme Court's decision not to hear marriage equality appeals may have an important substantive effect on the law.
PFAW’s Spanish-Language TV Ad Challenges Deal and Perdue in Georgia
Today People For the American Way launched its latest Spanish-language TV ad, this one challenging Georgia Governor Nathan Deal and Senate candidate David Perdue on their dangerous agendas on education, minimum wage, workers’ rights, and...
Supreme Court Action on Marriage Cases Is No Surprise
In last month's Supreme Court Term Preview, PFAW Foundation explained why most Justices might very well want to avoid taking the then-pending marriage cases.
Let Freedom (and Wedding Bells) Ring
The Roberts Court gets out of the way, so loving same-sex couples will at last be able to get married in many more states.
Kentucky Activists Protest Mitt and Mitch Fundraiser
On Thursday, PFAW members joined, Kentucky AFL-CIO, and other activists to protest Sen. Mitch McConnell’s pro-corporate agenda outside of a high-dollar fundraiser for the senator featuring Mitt Romney. The exclusive event was priced...
Activists Protest Outside McConnell/Romney High-Dollar Lexington Fundraiser
LEXINGTON, KY — Thursday afternoon, People For the American Way members and activists joined members of, Kentucky AFL-CIO, and other allies to protest Sen. Mitch McConnell’s pro-corporate agenda outside of a high-dollar...
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