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All GOP Senate Candidates in North Carolina Deny Existence of Climate Change
Many Americans celebrate Earth Day by planting trees, organizing a citywide trash pickup, or talking about the consequences of climate change and the ongoing threat it creates for our planet. But on Earth Day yesterday, all four Republican...
Sotomayor's Schuette Dissent
Justice Sotomayor analyzes a state constitutional ban on affirmative action through the lens of history and the reality of race in America.
Need for Safe Schools Advocacy Clear in Nebraska
The flier, whose advice includes "do not tell on bullies," is indeed problematic, but it's district policy in Lincoln and state policy in Nebraska that offer real cause for concern. Neither employs the bullying and harassment prevention strategies that have proven most effective. In fact, only sixteen states and the District of Columbia have in place laws that enumerate specific categories of targeted students, "underscore[ing] those students who research shows are most likely to be bullied and harassed and least likely to be protected."
Scott Walker Re-Election Tour Runs Away From His Record
Governor Scott Walker announced his re-election campaign at a series of appearances Tuesday across Wisconsin, highlighting all the supposedly great things he had done for the average Wisconsinite. The list was pretty thin. From Dane to La Crosse,...
Video: PFAW's Drew Courtney Discusses Right Wing Conspiracy Theories on Politics Nation with Al Sharpton
Monday afternoon, Right Wing Watch reported on conspiracy theories by conservative talking heads Bernard Goldberg and Rush Limbaugh who claim that the shoe-throwing incident in Las Vegas was staged by Hillary Clinton so she could seem more...
Senate Should Quickly Confirm Circuit Nominees, Like in 2006 Midterm Year
Circuit court nominees who had not even been nominated at this point in 2006 were nevertheless quickly confirmed before the midterm elections.
Minnesota Safe Schools Bill Becomes Law
In the wee hours of April 9, the Minnesota House of Representatives took the final vote on the Safe and Supportive Schools Act. That afternoon Governor Mark Dayton signed it into law.
PFAW: Scandal Surrounding Senate President is More Evidence of Big Money Assault on Wisconsin
MADISON – Wisconsin Senate President State Senator Mike Ellis’ announcement Friday that he will not seek re-election, which arrived after Ellis was caught on camera claiming he might set up his own political action committee to attack...
Voting Rights Advocates Rack Up More Wins
Earlier this month, PFAW reported on what has gone right for voting rights at the state level in 2014. While there is much more work to be done to enact needed reforms and to step up and counter threats when the right to vote is under attack, states like Florida, Georgia, and North Carolina have shown that we can win. Now we've uncovered even more evidence of why we can and should keep fighting the challenges that lay before us.
Edit Memo: Judicial Confirmations Under Bush and Obama — By the Numbers
To: Interested Parties From: Marge Baker, Executive Vice President, People For the American Way Date: April 11, 2014 Re: Judicial Confirmations Under Bush and Obama — By the Numbers In recent days, Republicans have made much over the fact...
Safe Schools Letter Campaign Concludes with Nearly 30 Organizations Standing Together to Say Students Deserve Better
The letter-a-day campaign for safe schools that PFAW led concluded today, when we also marked the Day of Silence – an annual event organized by the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) that is meant to draw attention to the "silencing effects" of anti-gay harassment and name-calling in schools and to be a way for students to show their solidarity with students who have been bullied. Over the last month twenty-eight groups went on record with Congress in support of safe schools legislation. Together, we sent loud and clear the message that all students deserve far better than what they're getting when it comes to bullying and harassment in schools.
On the Day of Silence, Check Out PFAW’s New Safe Schools Policy Toolkit
Today is the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network’s Day of Silence, an event meant to bring attention to the “silencing effect” of anti-LGBT bullying and harassment in schools. In classrooms across the country, thousands of...
So Many Vacancies, So Little Cooperation from GOP Senators
Judicial vacancies are remaining open and without nominees in states with Republican senators.
In the Senate, Michelle Friedland's Nomination to 9th Circuit Advances Despite Continued GOP Obstruction
Today, the Senate voted to advance the nomination of Michelle Friedland to the 9th Circuit. Friedland was one of many superb, highly qualified judges caught up in Republicans' blanket obstruction of judicial nominees, and President Obama was...
Obama's Had a Lot More Judicial Vacancies to Fill than Bush Did
A statistic on parity in confirmations is misleading without additional information about vacancies and nominations.
Senate Invokes Cloture on Friedland Nomination
The Senate voted today to invoke cloture on the nomination of Michelle Friedland to the US Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. Friedland was first nominated by President Obama on August 3, 2013 to fill a seat designated as a judicial emergency by...
Blue Slips: Republicans Should Stop Abuse of Consultation Process
In an op-ed Sunday, Sen. Patrick Leahy, chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, addressed critics of his use of blue slips, a committee tradition that Republicans continue to abuse. Under this policy, the chairman asks the Senators from a...
Supreme Court Declines to Review New Mexico Rejection of Wedding Photographer Case
The U.S. Supreme Court today rejected a request to consider Elane Photography v. Willock, a case brought by a wedding photography business that had been penalized for violating a New Mexico law against discrimination on the basis of sexual...
YEO Leads Fight Against ‘Right to Discriminate’ Law in Mississippi
In the wake of the recent uproar about an expansive “right to discriminate” bill that was vetoed in Arizona, on Thursday Mississippi governor Phil Bryant quietly signed similar legislation, the so-called Mississippi Religious Freedom...
African American Ministers in Action Featured This Week in Safe Schools Letter Campaign
The letter-a-day campaign for safe schools that PFAW is leading just finished another week, and now twenty groups have gone on record with Congress in support of safe schools legislation. Together, we are sending loud and clear the message that all students deserve far better than what they're getting when it comes to bullying and harassment in schools. PFAW's own African American Ministers in Action was one of this week's highlights.
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