Trump’s Dangerous Team

President Donald Trump is assembling a radical group of right-wing ideologues to serve in his administration’s leadership. From an attorney general who is a civil rights foe to a top White House advisor who has promoted white supremacy, Trump and his team represent the most profound threat to the American Way that we’ve seen in decades.

In response, we have to stand firm in our values and fight back like never before. Many of Trump’s nominees, for example, have to be confirmed by the Senate. By staying vigilant and demanding that our senators refuse to confirm nominees who are unfit for the positions to which they’ve been named, we can make clear that Americans won’t sit idly by as dangerous extremists take over our government.

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By the Numbers

The number of senators needed to confirm Trump’s Cabinet-level picks.

4 out of 4
The number of Trump’s nominees for top Cabinet positions—State, Treasury, Defense, and Justice—who are white men.

$9.5 billion
The total wealth of 17 of Trump’s Cabinet-level picks, who together have more money than the least wealthy one-third of U.S. households.