Stories of Super-Activism: Vicki Ryder & the Women of Rochester, NY

We mentioned last month the rally of 300 women superstar activist Vicki Ryder organized in Rochester, NY to say "Sarah Palin Doesn't Speak For Me." But now there's video! Vicki sent along this amazing clip of rally participants singing a rendition of "Sarah Palin, She Doesn't Speak For Me," the lyrics to which Vicki wrote especially for the rally. (The song is set, if we recall our frontier tunes correctly, to the tune of the "Davy Crockett" song.)

Vicki, you're amazing. And you've got some pipes!

Sample verse:

Sarah packs a gun and she kills moose
And with our Constitution she plays loose
She wants creationism taught in the schools
McCain must think we're nothing but fools

Sarah, Sarah Palin
She doesn't speak for me

Please note: as an issue-based organization, People For doesn't advocate for or against the election of any candidates for office to non-members.

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