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Svante Myrick marches with Young Elected Officials holding a sign that reads "Enough is Enough"

For 40 years, People For the American Way has engaged cultural and community leaders and individual activists in campaigns promoting freedom of expression, civic engagement, fair courts, and legal and lived equality for LGBTQ people. Together we have battled voter suppression, censorship, and injustice in our justice system.   
Today, our future as a diverse democratic society is threatened by a new rising tide of anti-democratic forces, including cultural and political leaders promoting authoritarianism, white nationalism, and Christian nationalism. Former President Donald Trump and those embracing a political agenda premised on these forces, his allies continue to undermine their followers’ faith in the democratic process, making them more likely to support efforts to subvert elections and resort to political violence—hallmarks of the growing authoritarian threat to democracy. 

Our History and Vision

Norman Lear stands next to Barbara Jordan.Television producer Norman Lear was moved to create People For the American Way at a time when core American values were being undermined by the emerging religious-right political movement. Its leaders weaponized media platforms with claims that the only “real” Americans were people who shared their religious beliefs and political worldview. Norman, a Jewish American and World War II vet, knew how wrong they were. He recruited people of many faiths and political backgrounds, including the late Congresswoman Barbara Jordan, to join him in saying, “that’s not the American Way.”   

Our Mission

At People For the American Way, we’re working to inspire and mobilize community and cultural leaders to advance Truth, Justice and the American Way. We’re convening courageous Americans, producing compelling media and organizing campaigns to defend our democracy from authoritarian threats and advance America’s promise that everyone will enjoy freedom, safety and a vote that counts. 

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Charity Navigator Four-Star Rating

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