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Speaking out to hold our leaders accountable and let them know the public is watching is vital to participatory democracy. The progressive movement and the fight to defend the American Way depend on the grassroots engagement of everyday Americans. When we speak en masse with petitions, phone calls, rallies, and other actions, our individual voices are amplified, and decision makers from elected officials to CEOs take notice.

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  • Vote NO on Trump nominee Thomas Farr!

    Trump and the Far-Right are winning in their efforts to pack our federal courts with extreme narrow-minded elitist judicial nominees. Nominated by Trump to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina, Thomas Farr is much more than just a run-of-the-mill advocate of voter suppression -- his history of disenfranchising voters of color is long. Tell your Senators to vote NO Thomas Farr for a lifetime appointment!

  • Tell the Senate: OPPOSE Trump’s Extreme Supreme Court Nominee!

    Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Kavanaugh is a narrow-minded elitist who would drag the Court far, far to the Right and take a sledge hammer to the fundamental rights of countless Americans.

  • No Vote on New Supreme Court Nominee Until AFTER the Election!

    There should be NO hearing or vote on a new Supreme Court nominee until after the midterm elections and after the new Congress is seated in January!

  • Tell Congress: Support the Child Care for Working Families Act!

    The solution to the child care crisis in America is the Child Care for Working Families Act -- a bold new bill that not only provides direct financial assistance for child care and early learning expenses, on a sliding scale based on household income, but takes a comprehensive approach -- addressing child care challenges like the quality, availability, and flexibility of care. Sign now: Ask your members of Congress to support the Child Care for Working Families Act!

  • Sign Now: It’s time for Congress to investigate the Trump administration for repeated ethics violations.

    Since his first day in office, President Donald Trump has flouted ethical norms by not divesting himself from his family’s business, nor fully divulging the sources of his income. And the example he has set has trickled down throughout his administration. The ethics violations on the Trump administration’s watch need to be reined in -- NOW. Sign the petition and demand Congress immediately investigate Trump administration officials for repeated ethics violations.

  • Tell DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen: Get serious about protecting our elections!

    The biggest elections since 2016 are only a few months away and many states still don’t feel adequately equipped to handle cyber-attacks we know are coming from Russia. The Department of Homeland Security has warned the government about future hacking attempts, but have done little to actually safeguard our elections -- and our democracy -- from Russian hackers. Tell Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to get serious about protecting our elections from Russian hackers!

  • Justice for Jane: Remove the Trump official who denied abortion care to young women!

    In the time that Scott Lloyd has been the director of the Trump administration’s Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR) he has interfered with the right of four undocumented minors -- that we know of -- to have an abortion. Scott Lloyd is woefully unqualified to direct ORR and has unethically used his position to advance the right-wing anti-choice agenda to prevent young people from accessing the care they need. And his campaign against abortion access undermines the ORR’s legal obligation to provide prompt access to safe medical care for those within its charge. Add your name to demand that Scott Lloyd be removed from his position AND that ORR immediately restore access to comprehensive reproductive health care!

  • Tell Speaker Ryan: REMOVE Devin Nunes from the Intel Committee

    The Republican majority on the House Intelligence Committee, led by Chair Devin Nunes, is out of control and Speaker Ryan has the authority -- and responsibility -- to rein it in. Rep. Nunes has shown that he cannot be trusted with sensitive classified information and must be removed not only as Chair but as a member of the Intelligence Committee without delay.

  • Vote no on Trump nominee Thomas Farr!

    This is urgent… Trump and the Far-Right are winning in their efforts to pack our federal courts with extreme narrow-minded elitist judicial nominees. But your help can turn the tide. One of Trump’s most extreme nominees right now is Thomas Farr, nominated to the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina. Farr is scheduled to be voted on in the Judiciary Committee TOMORROW. Farr is much more than just a run-of-the-mill advocate of voter suppression -- his history of disenfranchising voters of color is long. He reportedly played a role in a notorious voter intimidation campaign aimed at Black voters in 1990, when he worked for ultraconservative then-Senator Jesse Helms -- something he LIED to the Senate Judiciary Committee about during his hearing! Tell Senators: Vote NO Thomas Farr for a lifetime appointment!

  • Oppose Trump Nominee Howard Nielson

    Howard Nielson is a Trump nominee for the federal district court in Utah, and is beyond the pale in terms of his unfitness for a lifetime appointment. His record is beyond flawed, and it is shocking that he was not only nominated, but re-nominated for the federal bench.

  • Senators: Stop these four EXTREME Trump nominees!

    Senate Republicans, led by Judiciary Committee Chair Chuck Grassley, are trying to ram through the confirmations of as many extreme Trump judicial nominees as they can before the end of the year.

  • Senators: Stop extreme Trump nominees Grasz and Norris!

    Two Trump nominees, Steven Grasz and Mark Norris, with very troubling anti-LGBTQ backgrounds are scheduled for a vote TOMORROW and senators must do everything in their power to stop them. Grasz also has the rare distinction of a "unanimously unqualified" rating from the American Bar Association. Grasz has written that lower courts don’t need to always respect precedent (which could be applied to cases like overturning Roe v. Wade), he led an effort to outlaw late-term abortions in Nebraska, and served on the board of an affiliate of anti-LGBTQ hate-group Focus on the Family. And Mark Norris has a similarly anti-LGBTQ background when he served as a state legislator in Tennessee. He supported A state law to nullify Nashville’s anti-discrimination ordinance. He and other legislators tried to intervene in a lesbian couple’s divorce proceeding so that they wouldn’t be treated the same way as opposite-sex couples under the law. And he tried to stop Syrian refugees fleeing violence and war from resettling in Tennessee. All of these actions make it clear that he would not be an unbiased judge that would protect the rights of everyone in Tennessee. Tell Senators to do everything they can to stop Grasz and Norris!

  • Stand up to extreme court packing!

    Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley announced he was going to move forward with scheduling a hearing for an extreme Trump judicial nominee -- one who is on Trump’s list for possible Supreme Court justices -- despite the fact that he has not received approval from both home-state senators for going forward. Obliterating more than 100 years of Senate traditions, and in the face of his own promises not to do so, he has now scheduled the hearing for judicial nominee David Stras for next Wednesday. Stras is one of the judges on Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees – and a commitment to overturning Roe v. Wade is a requirement for anyone on that list. As a state Supreme Court justice, David Stras has ruled against the rights of children with disabilities, sexual assault survivors, and workers discriminated against on the job. He is absolutely the wrong choice for a lifetime seat on a federal court of appeals. This move is outrageous -- demand Grassley and the SJC halt this hearing!

  • Stop the GOP Tax Scam

    Both the House and Senate tax bills are a terrible deal for working families. The Republican tax scam would: -Give massive cuts to corporations and a relative handful of the very top most wealthy families, including the elimination of the Estate Tax and the Alternative Minimum Tax -Directly set up massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, public education, and other vital programs -Increase taxes on millions of middle-class taxpayers as well as people earning under $75,000 a year. -Incentivize the offshoring of jobs via a specific tax giveaway to American companies with offshore subsidiaries -Reduce giving to charities in the US by BILLIONS, through changes in the tax code -Blow a massive hole in our national debt (as much a $1.5 trillion) -Gut a key part of the Affordable Care Act, taking away health care from millions and driving premiums up across the board (Senate version) -If this bill passes it will be disastrous for all Americans except for the very wealthiest and corporations. Tell your members of Congress to STOP the GOP Tax Scam!

  • Tell Senators to Vote No on Brett Talley

    The bar for Trump’s judicial nominees is so low it might as well be on the floor. Last week Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee approved Brett Talley, a Trump nominee who has only three years of experience practicing law, has never tried a case, and who was rated unanimously “not qualified” for a federal judgeship by the American Bar Association – their lowest rating. Talley also omitted that his wife is the chief of staff for the White House counsel and who was recently questioned in the Mueller investigation when asked about potential conflicts of interest. And Talley is also remarkably partisan for a judicial nominee. On his blog, Talley pledged support for the NRA and mocked gun control after the Sandy Hook massacre… he has retweeted Alex Jones’ conspiracy theory site Infowars (which infamously claimed that Sandy Hook was a hoax), and called for Hillary Clinton to be “locked up” (while referring to her as Hillary “Rotten” Clinton). Tell Senators to vote no on this unqualified, hyper-partisan nominee!

  • Support legislation to protect Special Counsel Mueller from Trump!

    Bills have been introduced in both the House and Senate that would take away Trump’s ability to have Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller fired with impunity. Members of Congress of both parties and both chambers need to support this kind of vital legislation -- so necessary to preserving checks and balances -- in the face of a president with clear authoritarian leanings who is willing to lay waste to our democratic institutions. Sign our petition now to let your members of Congress know immediately that they need to support legislation to protect the special prosecutor’s investigation!

  • Tell the FEC: Subject social media ads to the same disclosure standards as TV and radio ads

    Social media ads remain a gray area in our elections. In 2011, Facebook requested an advisory opinion from the Federal Election Commission on the issue, and to this day, the FEC remains deadlocked. Now, the FEC has opened up a public comment period, requesting feedback on how to address paid online advertising, including on Facebook and Twitter. Sign the petition below to submit an official comment to the FEC and demand that social media advertising relating to elections and advocacy disclose the same information as other forms of political advertising.

  • Tell Senators: OPPOSE Trump’s extreme and partisan judges!

    Full Senate votes on four partisan, far-right Trump nominees will be happening SOON. Senators need to hear from the grassroots now that they should strongly oppose these unacceptable Trump appeals court nominees.

  • Congress: Pass the DISCLOSE Act of 2017!

    Citizens United allowed an uncontrolled flood of dark money to enter and influence US elections. Since that decision, billions of dollars from unknown sources have shaped electoral outcomes across the country, damaging our democracy. The DISCLOSE Act of 2017 addresses these issues by closing loopholes that allow foreign nationals and corporations to engage in election activities including making donations. It also requires organizations that spend money in elections to disclose any donor that gives more than $10,000 in an election cycle and to disclose transfers to other organizations made for the purposes of spending on elections. This bill will safeguard our democracy and put it back in the hands of everyday Americans -- so it needs to pass NOW. Tell your Members of Congress to support the DISCLOSE Act of 2017 NOW!

  • Stop McConnell’s Latest Power Grab!

    Mitch McConnell has made comments that indicate his desire to eliminate the blue slip process, which allows home-state senators to block judicial nominees who are too extreme or partisan for the bench, as we know it. His contempt for the institution of the Senate is clear as he keeps chipping away at checks and balances and processes that protect constituents from extremism and cronyism in order to keep ramming through Donald Trump’s agenda. The only way that McConnell can advance Trump’s agenda is by changing and destroying Senate rules and traditions. Senators from both sides of the aisle need to stand up to McConnell’s attacks on Senate checks and balances. Blue slips allow senators to be consulted about lifetime appointments to the federal bench in their home state, and act as a safeguard against extreme appointees who are unfit to serve. Tell your senators: Resist McConnell’s agenda and protect blue slips!