VESSELS: Public Policy, Pulpit, Pews, People, Polls = Power

VESSELS are people of faith – clergy, pastors, ministry and community leaders, men women, and young adults – firmly committed to increasing civic participation for every election in communities that traditionally have been disenfranchised.

VESSELS provide a non-partisan way to engage in the political process that resonates with faith communities. VESSELS stand against apathy, disengagement, and voter suppression tactics. They create opportunities to conduct year round non-partisan voter registration, and they seek to maximize the participation of informed African Americans in the electoral process in every special, local, state, and national election.

Seven Things African American Pastors, faith leaders, and ministries can do to ensure ongoing civic motivation and participation, by informing others to:

  • Vote with a vision and values in mind for the environment, schools, families, jobs, a better city, a better county, a stronger state!
  • Equip themselves and others with a spirit of “light to shine out of darkness”!
  • Strengthen the presence of their church and community at every precinct!
  • Stand and support participation in the democratic process!
  • Encourage and embrace their individual and collective power to make wise decisions about representation in the state house, the Governor’s mansion and the halls of Congress.
  • Leave excuses and apathy at home — they know their vote does count in every election!
  • Step into the voting booth, pause, pray, give thanks for the opportunity to speak with clarity, cast their vote and give praise for good stewardship of one of God’s many blessings — the right to vote!

Downloadable Resources and Flyers

VESSELS is a program of People For the American Way’s African American Ministers Leadership Council. For more information on VESSELS or to schedule a training, please email [email protected] or call (202) 467-4999 and ask for the VESSELS program.

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