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A Corrupt Hearing to Corrupt Our Democracy

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A Corrupt Hearing to Corrupt Our Democracy

Democratic Sen. Patrick Leahy noted this morning that:

only four percent of [Brett Kavanaugh’s] White House record has been shared with the public, and only seven percent has been made available to this Committee.  The rest remains hidden from scrutiny.

This raises some interesting questions, such as:

  • If a job applicant only gave you 4% of his record, would you take him on anyway?
  • If you needed a heart surgeon and she only disclosed her prior success rates for a select 4% of her patients, would you trust her?
  • Would you start a business with a stranger who refused to let you see 96 percent of the data relating to their prior businesses?
  • Would the IRS accept someone’s tax returns if only 4% of the required documentation was submitted?
  • Would you feel confident about your car if the mechanic had only checked 4% of what you had taken it in for?
  • Would you marry someone who insisted on hiding 96% of their past from you?

For most people, the answer to all these questions is no, or perhaps more colorfully, “Do you think I’m a lunatic?  Of course not!”

Yet Senate Republicans, working in coordination with the White House, are pushing through Brett Kavanaugh’s hearing for a lifetime position on the nation’s most powerful court.

To say this is crazy gives too much credit to Republicans.  It isn’t crazy at all.  It’s corruption, designed specifically to corrupt our democratic system of government.


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