As Election Day begins, more fraud/suppression stories

Reports continue to pour in of the Right Wing’s voter-fraud fraud and voter suppression related to today’s election. I wanted to make sure you’d seen some of the stories that haven’t yet made it into our reports.

11/1 SUCCESS: Justice Department Sends Monitors to Maricopa, AZ, Arpaio Breaks Ties with Extreme Group

10/29 Tom Corbett Turnout Comment Fires Up Dems in Pennsylvania

10/29 Voters warned about bogus online ballots

10/29 ‘Fox & Friends’ Lies About Chicago Ballots For Soldiers, Inmates

10/27 Right Warns of Voter Fraud, But Do Their Claims Have Merit?

10/26 Fraudulent Voting Re-emerges as a Partisan Issue

10/26 Fake the Vote: Why would anyone commit voter fraud?


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