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Big Resistance Wins in New York and New Hampshire: Republicans Lose Their First Two Seats

State and Local Update

Last week, progressives scored two key victories in New Hampshire and New York. Two Republican districts that Donald Trump won flipped, with Democrats winning these crucial state legislative seats.

These are the first two Republican seats to switch since 2016 and with our resistance movement continuing to grow, they surely won’t be the last.

We congratulate Democrat Edith DesMarais, who won a New Hampshire House of Representative seat, and Democrat Christine Pellegrino, who won a New York State Assembly seat. These victories show that together we can send a clear message to Trump and his allies that this movement is more than just protest — it’s electorally sustainable too.

As we continue to make progress, we look forward to the special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional district and 2018 to keep the momentum going. These local wins are exactly what we need prior to the huge race in Georgia 6, and it’s incredibly powerful to see Democrats flipping traditionally red seats at the local level.

We can’t lose this momentum as we continue to resist, organize and rise. But it’s going to take hard-working Americans to help organizing and mobilizing in communities across the country.

We need to ensure that we do not repeat November 8 again and that this is just the start. Now we must #Flipthe6th!


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