Cheer Up, Gary Bauer

Gary Bauer is all gloom and doom about the prospect of Obama-appointed Supreme Court Justices.

“[I]f the next two or three Supreme Court appointments are appointments made by Barack Obama, confirmed by a Democratic Senate…’ — my friends, the things we have been fighting for 30 years will not only be lost, they may, in fact, be lost permanently,” Bauer contends.

But cheer up, Gary! Most Court-watchers speculate that the next few openings on the Court will come from the moderate/progressive wing of the Supreme Court.

So even if President Obama’s nominees were to the left of the current Justices, the balance of the Court really wouldn’t shift that much. After all, Chief Justice Roberts already has four votes in his pocket, and Justice Kennedy usually provides the fifth.

Of course, if President McCain gets to appoint replace those Justices with nominees “in the model of Sam Alito, John Roberts and Antonin Scalia” the lurch to the right would be seismic. And that would make Gary Bauer very, very happy.


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