Citizens United Bad for Small Business

A new poll released by the American Sustainable Business Council shows that two-thirds American small business owners view the Supreme Court’s decision in Citizens United as bad for small businesses and overwhelmingly believe that corporations have been given too much freedom to spend money to influence political campaigns.

With small business owners joining the majority of individual citizens who believe that the Citizens United decision is bad for America, it is clear who the only beneficiaries are: huge corporations who can afford to contribute millions to Super PAC’s and hire lobbyists to effectively buy the legislations and politicians they want. Here are the main findings of the poll:


Unlimited corporate political spending hurts us all, from damaging the small businesses that create jobs to our fundamental democratic values.

People For the American Way, along with thousands of Americans and organizations under the United For the People banner, is organizing a month of action to advocate for a constitutional amendment to reverse Citizens United and restore the balance of power to the people.


Citizens United v. FEC