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Cory Booker: “I’m Committed to Fair-Minded Judges”

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At a Democratic primary campaign event in Nevada in August, Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) spoke about the importance of re-balancing the federal courts — including the lower courts — after years of Donald Trump’s narrow-minded elitist judicial appointees. With more than 150 new judges rammed through the confirmation process by Mitch McConnell and Republicans, we are facing a crisis in our federal courts. The best way to stop the Trump takeover of the courts is to stop Trump, so PFAW is urging Democratic presidential candidates to voice their plans for nominating fair-minded constitutionalists to the federal bench. Booker spoke about what he’s fighting for:

“I’m committed to fair-minded judges who will protect the Constitution, who will defend [against] this terrible slant going on right now that’s taking away power from individual Americans and shifting it towards corporations. We see this with everything from antitrust law being perverted, you see this from Citizens United … that’s allowing corporations to pour dark money. You are seeing the ascendancy of the corporation, we’re seeing the rights of individuals – the right to organize; the right to control your body; the right to join a union – all of these individual rights are being suppressed right now as we see big money corporations influencing us more and more.”

We expect all Democratic candidates to explicitly state their commitment to nominating fair-minded constitutionalists. Want to help? Tweet us using the hashtag #VoteTheCourts2020 when you see candidates emphasize the courts on their websites, social media, and in their speeches.


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