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CPAC Organizers Condemn Racism, Invite Racists to CPAC

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CPAC Organizers Condemn Racism, Invite Racists to CPAC

A planned speech at this week’s Conservative Political Action Conference about the “dangers of the racist Alt-Right comes just as its adherents are finding success in shaping President Trump’s ideas and his White House team,” writes People For Senior Research Analyst Brian Tashman about the annual conference beginning today. In the post, Tashman documents CPAC’s not-so-hidden patronage of white nationalism and bigotry, including years of barring pro-gay conservative groups, inviting well-known racists, and paving the way for Trump’s white identity politics.

And while conference organizers pay lip service to condemning racism, this week’s meeting still boasts a list of far-right fringe speakers (and we’re not even referring to White House strategist Steve Bannon, President Trump, or recently ousted Milo Yiannopoulos). Check out the list.


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