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Defending the American Way: Our Fight to Protect Democracy 

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Defending the American Way: Our Fight to Protect Democracy 

We’re at a critical time for our democracy 

Across the country, the Far Right is doing the most to try and upend our democracy. From attacks on free and fair elections to attempts to gut access to the ballot box, it’s been impossible to escape the headlines, tweets, and video footage of these continued assaults on our democracy.  

We know we can’t let this stand. We know that protecting our democracy is central to our work to advance the principles of Truth, Justice, and the American Way. That’s why our team at People For is working to protect our democracy in our local communities and nationally – and we’re counting on you to join us.  

So let’s get to work!  

How you can protect democracy in your community  

Help strengthen voting rights in Minnesota 

In Minnesota, we’re working with partners on the ground to build support for and pass multiple pieces of legislation that strengthen voting rights. And we’re getting it done – one bill that has already passed and is on its way to being signed into law restores the right to vote to nearly fifty-five thousand Minnesotans who have previously been incarcerated and/or are on probation or parole.  

We’re also working to build support for two other bills: one that includes additional voting rights provisions as well as campaign finance reforms, and another that supports the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, which ensures that whoever wins the popular vote nationally becomes President. 

Pass comprehensive pro-democracy legislation in Michigan 

Michigan is another place where we are working to pass National Popular Vote legislation by engaging our members in efforts to build and demonstrate support. Additionally, we are working through partnerships with groups on the ground to build support for a comprehensive pro-democracy bill that may soon be introduced, and similar to the bill in Minnesota, includes key voting rights and campaign finance reform provisions. 

Ban foreign political spending in California  

In California we are also mobilizing in support of state legislation, Assembly Bill 83, The Get Foreign Money Out of California Elections Act, which would ban foreign political spending in state elections. It is imperative that we bar foreign-influenced corporations from contributing to candidates, parties, or committees. By closing a loophole that allows corporations partly or wholly owned by foreign interests to spend money in political campaigns, this reform aims to protect the integrity of California’s democratic self-government. 

Fully fund a statewide public financing program in New York 

In New York we are working to get the statewide public financing program, which voters passed in 2019, fully funded so that it can operate as intended. Currently the state legislature is formulating a state budget, and if the public financing program isn’t funded at the level that it requires, it runs the risk of becoming defunct. As we work to build support for these types of reforms in other states and at the federal level, which can provide candidates a pathway to run for office without having to cozy up to wealthy donors, it is critical that New York’s public financing program does not fall into disarray.   

How you can help protect democracy at the national level  

Show your support for the Freedom to Vote Act  

On the federal front, continuing to build support for transformative legislation that protects the right to vote, curbs the influence of big money in politics, and ensures ethics in government remains a top priority. To that end, the Freedom to Vote Act is likely to be reintroduced in both chambers of Congress later in March. We are working with our coalition partners on a range of strategies to demonstrate a strong showing of support, including driving calls into the House and Senate as well as organizing a rally and press event on Capitol Hill. There are also efforts underway to organize lobby visits and press events across the country in support of the Freedom to Vote Act when Congress goes home for its April recess.  

Get secret money out of elections  

Another federal reform that remains a top priority is continuing to build support for Democracy For All – a constitutional amendment that overturns Supreme Court cases like Citizens United, which have led to an explosion of outside special interest spending in our elections. People For the American Way remains one of the core organizational leaders working alongside our champions in Congress to advance this long-term and much-needed reform.   

Continue to hold insurrectionists like Donald Trump accountable  

Finally, we are working with our allies in the Not Above the Law coalition to build a network of rapid response events that will occur across the country in the event that Donald Trump is indicted in any one of the multiple ongoing investigations into his campaign, his attack on our elections, and his businesses. Given that it remains unclear if, when and where such an indictment will occur, we are mobilizing our members to sign up and and be prepared to host visibility events across the country – whenever accountability happens – as a way to demonstrate the grassroots demand for justice and accountability, and the fact that no one – including the former president – is above the law. 

Together, we can protect our democracy  

The best way to stay up to date on all the ways you can plug in to help protect our democracy is to become a People For member today. We’ll keep you posted on all the actions, elections, and legislation you need to know about to make our democracy work for all of us.  

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