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Eric Swalwell Would Nominate “Experienced, Qualified” Judges

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Eric Swalwell Would Nominate “Experienced, Qualified” Judges
Photo by JD Lasica Eric Swalwell answers question

With the first Democratic debate scheduled for June 26, PFAW continues to urge presidential candidates to address the importance of our federal courts and outline their plans for nominating fair-minded constitutionalists.

At a gun violence prevention roundtable in Las Vegas, Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell of California discussed his plans for nominating judges and outlined the qualities his ideal candidate would have.

He stated, “I would say I would nominate judges who are experienced, qualified, but also who would uphold the precedent of prior case law, but also understand the evolving times that we live in, and the ‘well-regulated’ part of a militia in the 2nd Amendment is an important interpretation of that Amendment, and protecting all of us.”

He continued, “I believe the judges I would appoint would reflect those views of the Second Amendment, which is that we are a country where you can keep your pistols, your long rifles and your shotguns, but we will protect people from having dangerous weapons in the hands of dangerous people.”

We expect all Democratic candidates to explicitly state their commitment to nominating fair-minded constitutionalists. Want to help? Tweet us using hashtag #VoteTheCourts2020 when you see candidates emphasize the courts on their websites, social media, and in their speeches.


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