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Faith Leader and PFAW Foundation Board Member Rev. Timothy McDonald Supports Planned Parenthood

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Reverend Timothy McDonald III, a longtime PFAW Foundation board member and founder of PFAWF’s African American Ministers Leadership Council, recently joined with other faith leaders standing with Planned Parenthood.

“As a person of faith, I believe that everybody should have access to health care,” Rev. McDonald says in a video compilation that also features Rabbi Lori Koffman, Reverend Darcy Roake, and Pastor Earle Fisher.

While the Religious Right has spent decades attempting to restrict women’s health care, and while it fashions itself as the final arbiter of moral authority, the faith leaders featured in this video are just a few of the many faithful men and women who support reproductive justice.

“The idea that there is just one monopoly on a religious voice, that is not true, that has never been true and that will never be true,” said Rev. Roake, combatting the narrative that people of faith are opposed to comprehensive reproductive health care.

“Silence is no longer an option for us,” Rev. McDonald says. “When people of faith speak up for reproductive justice, compassion becomes the order of the day.”


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