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Fellow Missouri Elected Official Urges Senator McCaskill to #StopGorsuch


We’re continuing to hear from new voices across the country publicly urging their senators to oppose President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Judge Neil Gorsuch. On Friday, a letter from Jermaine Reed, Third District councilman in Kansas City, appeared in The Kansas City Star calling on Senator Claire McCaskill to stand up and #StopGorsuch. Councilman Reed noted the dangers of confirming a rubber stamp justice for Trump.

Reed wrote:

Trump evidently hopes that Gorsuch will provide him with a rubber stamp as he attacks the rights of immigrants, women and minorities. As a judge, Gorsuch ruled that employers could deny women access to contraception coverage in their health care plans based on religion, and he has complained about LGBTQ people seeking equality in the courts. He has also tried to make it harder for workers and consumers to seek justice through class-action lawsuits and workplace discrimination laws.

You can read his full letter to the editor here.


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