Johnson: Protecting Victims of Child Abuse Will Hurt Business

A devotion to business interests over the needs of ordinary people is a theme that unites ultra-right-wing Tea Party candidates throughout the country. But how far does that devotion go?

Today, a video emerged of Wisconsin Senate candidate Ron Johnson testifying in January against a bill that would have lifted the state’s statute of limitations on filing child abuse lawsuits. The reason Johnson opposed expanding the ability of those who had been abused as children to seek justice? It might have a negative impact on businesses held accountable for crimes committed under their watch. Or, as Johnson so sensitively put it, the bill’s “other victims.”

Johnson’s testimony, via Think Progress:

JOHNSON: I think it is extremely important to consider the economic havor and the other victims [the Wisconsin Child Victims Act] would likely create. […] I believe it is a valid question to ask whether the employer of a perpetrator should also be severely damaged, or possibly destroyed, in our legitimate desire for justice. […] It would also send a chilling signal to avoid this civic minded activity in the future. […] I have no doubt trial lawyers would benefit, I’m not so sure the actual victims would.


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