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Khizr Khan: Trump “has failed us.”

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Khizr Khan: Trump “has failed us.”

Khizr Khan, People For the American Way Foundation board member and Gold Star father, appeared on Anderson Cooper 360 on Tuesday night to condemn the appalling lack of leadership from Trump this week.

Earlier on Tuesday, Trump doubled down on previous comments comparing anti-racist counter-protesters in Charlottesville to the neo-Nazi and white supremacists that traveled to Virginia to participate in a so-called “Unite the Right” rally. The rally ultimately didn’t take place as scheduled after the white supremacists turned violent and an Alt-Right terrorist slammed into a crowd of counter-protesters injuring 19 and murdering one woman, Heather Heyer.

Watch the video of Khan’s interview here:

Khan calls Trump “unfit,” embarrassing, and “morally compromised”:

“America is discovering the morally compromised Donald Trump. America is discovering this president will embarrass this great nation again and again and again. The reason is this president is unfit morally and legally to lead this great nation. It is that lack of moral compass, lack of moral leadership that this president continues to utter, and you will see that. We have seen that for the last six months: his failure after failure after failure embarrassing this nation throughout the world. I was hoping that maybe once he’s elected, once he’s in office that would encourage him — give him some moral compass — to stand up and lead this nation and unite us. But one more time he has embarrassed us and he has failed us.”


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