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Montana Couple Says Senator Tester Should Stop Danger to Democracy Gorsuch


In a letter to the editor that appeared today in the Missoulian, attorney Katie Carlson and Missoula County clerk-treasurer Tyler Gernant express a lack of confidence in Judge Neil Gorsuch and his ability to dispense equal justice from the Supreme Court in the face of President Trump’s discriminatory attacks. Together they call on their senator, Jon Tester, to stop this dangerous nominee.

Carlson and Gernant wrote:

The Supreme Court is the ultimate arbiter of the Constitution and guarantees every person equal justice under the law. We are not convinced that Gorsuch would be able to put aside partisan ideology to dispense equal justice and serve as an independent check on the types of discriminatory attacks we’ve seen in the first two weeks of the Trump administration – against which millions of Americans have taken to the streets to make their voices heard. Americans are demanding justice, including a court system that will uphold our fundamental values without fear or favor.

You can read their full letter to the editor here.


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