“One Person, One Vote” Rallying Call for 2016

“One Person, One Vote” represents what democracy is supposed to be about — the notion that everyone has an equal say in our government. People For the American Way has helped advance this principle through many of our organizing efforts, including our ongoing #DemandDemocracy video blog series.

Now that Hillary Clinton has officially launched her presidential campaign and voiced her support for reforms to promote “One Person, One Vote,” even if it takes a constitutional amendment, this issue is certain to be a point of focus in the 2016 election.

As primary season moves along, People For the American Way and our partners will continue to connect the need for an amendment to many of the most pressing issues of today. Check out some of our #DemandDemocracy videos, which highlight the importance of getting money out of politics from various perspectives.

PFAW’s #DemandDemocracy video blog series is a collection of short videos that highlight how big money in politics affects — and often stalls progress on — a range of other critical issues.


#DemandDemocracy Video Blog