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Paul Gordon in Newsweek: Republican Party Has Become “Cult of Personality” for Trump


In a new op-ed in Newsweek, PFAW Senior Legislative Counsel Paul Gordon responded to Alan Dershowitz’s disturbing defense of the president and emphasized that Trump must be held accountable for his abuses of power during today’s Senate impeachment trial.

Gordon contrasted the patriotism of congressional Republicans during Watergate with the betrayal of democracy by today’s Republicans:

“Congressional Democrats and Republicans alike recognized that Nixon’s misdeeds to get himself re-elected threatened the Constitution that they all took an oath to protect. When his fellow Republicans made clear that they would put our democracy first, Nixon knew he would be impeached, and he resigned in disgrace …

“The senators who vote to acquit Trump will be voting to eliminate the most important component of checks and balances against dictatorial executive power … And then, they will have to go back home and look their constituents—and their constituents’ children—in the eye and tell them why they cast this vote. Everyone will be watching as senators make that choice.”

Read the op-ed here.


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