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People For Briefing Highlights What’s at Stake in the Midterm Elections

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With the midterm elections less than 11 weeks away, the stakes continue to climb as more of the Far Right’s agenda is exposed. Attacks on our children’s education, our reproductive freedoms, our right to vote in free and fair elections (and more!) are just the tip of the iceberg for their radical and regressive proposals.

In a recent member briefing, People For’s team of experts highlighted some of these far-right policies that have become the bedrock principles for many Republican candidates’ campaigns. During the briefing, our political experts also highlighted several key races in states across the country that could use our support right now.

To help get out the vote and support pro-democracy candidates and campaigns, People For has compiled a list of campaigns that you can get involved with right now to help prevent far-right politicians from taking office at the local, state, and federal level. Sign up here to volunteer!


2022 Midterms, member briefing