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People For Member Highlight: Dr. K. Kevyne Baar

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People For Member Highlight: Dr. K. Kevyne Baar

This post originally appeared in the Fall 2021 edition of our Legacy for Liberty newsletter.

I have been a fan of People For the American Way from its earliest days. I admired Norman Lear for joining with Barbara Jordan to speak out about right-wing extremism. People For was founded in 1981 in response to the rise of right-wing extremism and hostility – and it’s terrifying to see those forces at work again today.

We’ve heard it before: history repeats itself. If the election and presidency of Donald Trump taught us nothing else, we now know without any doubt that the progress we labored so hard to achieve can disappear in a flash if we are not vigilant.

Like Norman Lear said in his recent op-ed in the Washington Post, I am “baffled and disturbed that 21stcentury Americans must still struggle to protect their right to vote.”

I support People For because I really love how they work across generations — and I have always felt there was a place for me in the People For movement. When I was younger, People For had mentors I could look up to. Now that I am 75, I feel that my experiences are valued, and I can help mentor younger generations.

People For is holding the line against extremism and their work will matter for a long time. That’s why I decided to make People For part of my living legacy by naming the organization as a beneficiary of my living trust.

We can’t just hope things will get better – that education and understanding, kindness and consideration, love not hate will be the order of the day. We must invest in that vision and by supporting People for the American Way, I’m grateful to have been given the opportunity to do my part.

– K. Kevyne Baar, Ph.D

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