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PFAW Calls Out Senators Who Honor Dr. King Then Vote for Thomas Farr

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PFAW Calls Out Senators Who Honor Dr. King Then Vote for Thomas Farr

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Republicans in Congress flock to social media to post their favorite Dr. King quotes out of context and reflect on his legacy of equality and justice. At the same time, they refuse to act on the core values of civil rights, often working actively to undermine the principles that King (and their tweets) espoused including voting rights, workers and union rights, anti-poverty measures and more.

Which brings us to Thomas Farr, Trump’s nominee for a federal court in North Carolina.

No one with a record of racially targeted voter intimidation and suppression should be nominated to the federal bench—but that is what we see with Thomas Farr. As if that’s not enough, he potentially lied to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his involvement in one of the most notorious voter suppression campaigns during Jesse Helms’ 1990 Senate campaign in North Carolina.

Yet six of the senators who decided to “honor” MLK Day on Twitter this week actually voted to support Farr’s nomination to a lifetime seat on the federal bench. We won’t let their hypocrisy go unchecked. Share the tweets below to help us call them out. Then call your senators and say: Stop extreme judicial nominee Thomas Farr!

1. Senator John Cornyn, Texas

2. Senator Ted Cruz, Texas

3. Senator Lindsey Graham, South Carolina

4. Senator Orrin Hatch, Utah

5. Senator John Kennedy, Louisiana

6. Senator Thom Tillis, North Carolina


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