Rep. Chris Smith Thinks You Don’t Have Any Values

At the RNC this week, Representative Chris Smith of New Jersey declared that America’s schools and universities have become “bastions of moral relativism,” and as a remedy for this, “Our students must find the God of the Bible and Biblical values in the classroom, on the campus.” Setting aside for a moment the establishment clause of the First Amendment (which I would encourage Congressman Smith to peruse) this is a perfect example of the Religious Right’s conception of values. Namely: there are no values but our own. Whether it’s for political purposes or out of a sincere ignorance, the right has decided that the only two value systems are (1) the values that James Dobson says you should get out of the Bible and (2) moral relativism — in which nothing is right and nothing is wrong. So if you don’t agree with them that same-sex marriage is a sin, you probably also think it’s ok to push little old ladies down the stairs. Allow me to respond:

Dear Congressman Smith: Progressives have values. Among other things, we value honesty, respect, humility, and kindness. You are violating these values and you are very, very wrong to do so. Sincerely, Drew

Clip and full transcript at Think Progress.


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