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Senators Cornyn and Cruz Don’t Help Texas Nominee

Several days ago we asked what Texas Senators John Cornyn and Ted Cruz would do at this week's business meeting of the Senate Judiciary Committee, on which they both serve. Would they stand up for their home-state's Fifth Circuit judicial nominee Gregg Costa? Or would they side with their fellow Judiciary Committee Republicans and let them delay Costa's scheduled vote for at least two weeks for no reason except to obstruct an Obama nominee?

This morning, we got our answer from the Texas senators: The vote was delayed. Cornyn and Cruz didn't even bother to show up for the meeting.

Committee chairman Patrick Leahy noted their absence:

I had hoped that we'd have one of the Texas senators here, so far as we have a Texas judge here, but apparently they're tied up.

It's not Senators Cornyn and Cruz who are tied up, but the Fifth Circuit Court, which has three vacancies, all of which have been designated as judicial emergencies. But they – and the people they serve – will just have to wait for some relief.


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